Vanessa Cage

Vanessa Cage is the famous porn star but today we have a chance to see her in the role of a dominant girl (or to be more precise, in the role of the masseuse). Thanks to the Egbo, we can enjoy this video. Check out that site to see some more of free tube style femdom videos. 

Anyway, in this free femdom handjob video, you will see the real transformation in just a few minutes. At the beginning of a video, Vanessa Cage is preparing a guy for the massage. She is doing it slowly and gently, just like it should, while letting him watch her body created for the sin. At the point when she noticed that his dick became hard from massage and teasing, she suddenly changed the direction of this session. While the guy was confused why she stopped, she used that moment to tie him up. Once his hands are firmly tied, Vanessa Cage started stroking his dick and teasing him verbally. Game rules are now changed and the naive guy finds himself in the completely unexpected situation that is totally out his control. Totally means that now he can’t even control his own orgasm. It is up to the mistress to decide will her slave will cum and when that will be. Oh my god, is there anything better to watch than a ruined orgasm

If you know are there some more femdom videos of Vanessa Cage, you should leave the comment below, and we will publish more of her.

Vanessa Cage handjob video :

Vanessa Cage
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