Toilet Slave


Toilet slave. How these words sounds? Good enough so that every slave who hears them will shit their own pants since they knew what is coming and how they will be treated soon. This time, it is no different. Naked, on his knees and with the leather mask over his face so he can’t breathe good, he is forced to take the position on Mistress’s toilet. To be more precise, in front of her toilet bowl. Since this sexy dominatrix is taking hygiene seriously, she doesn’t want to make her bowl dirty. Instead of using it, she will make this pathetic sub her personal toilet slave. It seems that this dominatrix has vast experience with golden showers and toilet slaves. She is dressed in that way so she can easily piss or shit if she needs it. There are no complicated clothes that require time to take off. Just a simple black PVC dress and high heels.

She is about to demonstrate him how effective this is. Once he was forced into proper position, Mistress ordered him to open his mouth. He better comply, otherwise, he will get something ever worse than piss she is about to jizz. Her piss is pretty red and stinky since she was holding it for hours. She did that with one goal in her mind . You are probably guessing, and that is to make all this extremely unpleasant for a slave.

Once his Goddess started pissing, you can clearly hear a sound of piss going through his throat. Slave feels that he wants to puke but he mustn’t show that to the Mistress or he will face even more serious consequences. At this point, the only question is : When this Mistress stopped with pissing and how much she was withholding inside her.



Toilet Slave
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