Tease And Denial Photos

Tease and denial photos you are looking at looks so smooth and natural. No wonder when you take everything into the consideration. First, the humility of a well-trained slave and second, the beauty of a handsome femdom dominatrix. 

There are so many different ways to tease and deny a slave and put him under control without even touching him. Ignoring is one of them and you are about to see how that works when you have a sexy and dominant female and well trained male sub. basically, this is the classic POV female domination scene where you are looking at the Dommes from the perspective of the slave. As you can notice, that means from his knees, just like it should be. The name of the Goddess is Katrina Jade. Dresses to tease in high heels fetish shoes and black fishnets stockings, she looks divine even when doing an ordinary thing like chatting with her girlfriends. Of course that she noticed a slave crawling in the silence and coming toward her but her time is precious so she didn’t even want to look at him at first. Once she does, it lasted for only a second. A sad expression on her face tells what she thinks about him. The two first pics of tease perpetuates her abhorrence for the pathetic guy.

Considering that she didn’t tell a word and continued ignoring him, the slave slowly approached further. He is very careful trying not to irritate or interrupt his sexy fem dom Goddess. This is what good slaves do, always thinking about the Mistress. And the best part is that a Domme appreciates this so she let him crawl under her sexy legs in tight fishnets. Once the slave is there, Mistress lets him wait for a while. She really enjoys watching men acting like the obedient puppies. After a while, teasing started. Not a hard thing to do because he was already horny just from looking at that perfectly shaped female body. He is hoping to get an orgasm, even if that would be a fucked up one called ruined orgasm. What dominatrix knows is that if she lets him waits longer, the slave will be happy to get anything from his Goddess. Even a chastity tease will make him feel less pathetic and more valuable. OF course, that won’t happen what you can clearly see from those high quality pics of femdom

Tease And Denial Photostease and denial photoskatrina jade femdom Mistresssensual ignoringfemdom POV teasing  

Tease And Denial Photos
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