Smoking Fetish

smoking fetish

Smoking fetish seems like it is getting in popularity in the previous years.I am not sure why but I’ve have noticed many searches on this site coming from people looking for smoking fetish.

Sometimes people are looking for dommes using their slaves as human ashtrays. Sometimes they want to see cruel goddesses enjoying their cigarettes without distraction from slaves. Today’s update will fit the second category of smoking fetish. Actually, it is a little bit more specific because all photos are made in POV style (point of view). Below, you can see strict and hot blonde goddess from slave’s perspective (on his knees).

While she is slowly enjoying her expensive smokes, she won’t miss a chance to occasionally spit on slave’s ugly face. Mistress Athena looks really divine in all that smoke. She is dressed just like you would expect from a dominatrix. That means black and tight leather and gloves, self-confident attitude and expensive smokes. Of course, the scene wouldn’t be complete without tight pantyhose and leather boots. 

Anyway, there are some more great smoking Mistress updates here on Femdom Destiny that I would like to share with you.Next three are my favorite in the recent period. Depending on your taste, I am sure you are going to love what you are about to see. First, take a look at this petite black smoking Mistress enjoying outside, while her slave is forced to lick her dirty boots. If you like more a simply smoking gallery almost without having slave involved, this Lady Asmondena smoking update is for you. And the best is always left for the end. I am talking about the strapon domination scene where Mistress is smoking while the slave is sucking her strap on!

Smoking fetish Mistress photos:


Smoking Fetish
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