Slave Training

Slave training is a very controversial subject and there are various opinions how it should be done. As every serious topic, different people (Mistresses) has a different approach. Anyway, whatever methods that a dominatrix is using, the goal is always the same. Slave has to learn how to please his Domme and do whatever she told him to do. Time is one of the most valuable assets for every Dominatrix. This is why it is important to train a slave for a specific task and avoid waste of time in the future. No one wants to say same things again and again.

In short, a slave had to perfectly overcome all potential problems and give a Mistress exactly what she wants. As mentioned above, there are so many scenarios in female domination. Sometimes, Dommes are asking for the most incredible and unexpected things. Depending on the Mistress’s mood and her needs, she can demand equally unexpected other things necessary to keep things functioning. Today’s update here on Femdom Destiny is about a slave being trained and learned to wash Mistress’s favorite car.

A powerful woman like Mistress Annabelle loves powerful vehicles, that is nothing new. Mistress also love to have it ready in the perfect condition. When she sits to drive it, Goddess Annabelle expects to look vigorously and beautiful. That means that her Jeep has to be cleaned and shiny. Now, she won’t spend her time and drive it to a car wash. Simply, it is not her level. There is a much better solution and that is to have a slave trained to always keep her car clean and ready. 

Slave training gallery:

Dominatrix Annabelle Walking In Boots femdom slave washing a car

At first glance, this doesn’t seem like something so much related to female supremacy and femdom slave training. But you should take a look at the complete gallery and the pictures on the bottom of this page. What started as an ordinary request, ended in a brutal whipping and caning. But let’s go slowly and check out what is going on here. 

Mistress Annabelle wanted to see will a new guy be suitable for the task of keeping her vehicle clean. You know, sometimes it happens that a slave is already trained or simply having a sense for servitude. Soe she let him wash the car and after some time came to unannounced inspection. 

femdom goddess getting mad

As soon as she approached, it was clear that a stupid guy is not doing it right. That resulted in a violent overtaking of a hose that Mistress used to spray him with cold water. But that was just the first and spontaneous reaction. Now it is a time for slave to get proper instructions that will learn him a lesson and prepare for the next time when a Mistress tells him to do the same.

 femdom humiliation Mistress stripping slave down

Basically, training is intended to show a slave that bringing a pain is a piece of cake for a Mistress. He should not fool himself and think that he is safe to even if it looks like that so at some point. The stupid guy wasn’t aware that in a matter of minutes, he can be tied in tortured in the same way like he is captive in the dungeon. An ordinary tree will be enough to tie him and what he overlooked is the trunk full of torture tools. And that just one. He didn’t even try to wash the car on the inside!

slave training sexy dominatrix

Slave Training
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