Ruined Orgasm Video

Ruined orgasm video you are about to see below, is the part of the full movie available on Mistress Liza’s website. I’ve witnessed that there are still many people not knowing what is a ruined orgasm, when it is used and what are the effects of it.

This video clip is perfect for the educational purpose because it contains all necessary ingredients for a successful orgasm ruining session. They are (besides a private place) a horny and submissive guy and an experienced dominatrix willing to show the slave who is in charge. The best way to do it is to make him cum when she wants and not let him enjoy. This is a sobering experience for many guys. Basically, for the most of them, this is the moment when they learn that they can’t control even the most basic thing like it is and ejaculation. 

Anyway, with a gag ball inside his mouth, hands tied behind his back, the slave is forced to let his Mistress jerk his pathetic dick. Of course, looking hot and sexy in leather like Mistress Liza only helps to speed and spice up things. She knows how to do this and that is obvious from the first moment. With one hand stroking and other one massaging slave’s balls, she is looking him directly into the eyes. This sensual milking technique is always giving fast and reliable results. That means, a slave ready to cum in a  matter of minutes and that is exactly what Mistress Liza is trying to accomplish.

The point of this ruined orgasm video is to bring a slave to the edge as soon as possible, so you can experience ejaculation denial and a ruined pleasure. This is exactly what you are about to see right know. I suggest that you watch this video two times. First time looking the slave’s reaction and for the second time looking only at Mistress Liza. This way you will better understand what she is exactly doing and how she is making a slave reacting to her stimulation.

Ruined orgasm video:

Ruined Orgasm Video
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