Prostate Milking

Prostate milking is the method of stimulation of one of the most sensitive places on the human body. This well-hidden male g-spot is the source of ultimate orgasm and unforgettable sexual pleasure. But, it can also be the source of humiliation if it is treated like that. This is what makes it so desirable in every serious female supremacy relationship. The prostate massage photos below will get you a better idea what I am talking about. 

The sexy redhead goddess in black stockings and high heels is the divine Goddess, Mistress Madeline Marlowe. Experienced with male control and femdom humiliation, she is the best choice for milking the prostate with a twist. Basically, the idea behind what she is doing is to make a guy ejaculate without touching his dick. Maybe it sounds strange or impossible to someone but you will see that it isn’t. If she manages to make a guy jizz this way, this will be the perfect example of how sensitive is this part of male reproductive organs. Of course, many people know this but still, there are those that never tried to stimulate their prostate. There are various reasons for that. Some are afraid, some think that they can like it too much and that they will go toward being gay while some are simply not aware of health benefits. Whatever it is, anal stimulation photos below will encourage you to try it. Still, many of you don’t have a partner that will help them to find a prostate and experiment with it. Luckily, there are various sex toys and prostate massage tools available to order discreetly that will help you feel a new dimension of sexual satisfaction.

prostate milkingAnyway, prostate milking requires some medical knowledge about the genitals layout. The infographic here is a simple version of the most important things you have to know before start sticking something in your ass.  The normal size of prostate gland weighs about 20–25 grams (2/3 to 3/4 of an ounce). Incredibly how such a small thing can give such powerful orgasms. From what you see here, it is clear why some men are having problems with trying it. There is no better way than to put a finger inside and try to reach it (some people will tell you that you can stimulate it from the outside but that’s total crap compared with the real contact from the inside will do to you, believe me). Luckily, Miss Madeline, just as most of the Dommes, loves to finger guys and watch for their reaction. I know that most of you guys will try it after reading this text. Don’t rush, be careful if you are doing it alone for the first time and stick that finger out of your ass until you read the whole article. Unrelated to what you are about to see

Successful Prostate Milking signs

Unrelated to what you are about to see on the photo gallery below, it is good to know what are the good signs that you are reaching p-orgasm:

#1 – The uncontrollable leaking of the pre-cum. This is the great sign that your body is reacting properly and it is not controlled by the brain or your fear that should be already weakened at the point.

#2 – Need for urination. Don’t worry, it won’t happen. Everything is fine, you are building up the pressure in the semen channels and until you learn how this works, you can mix those two feelings. 

#3 – Muscle contractions. They will become stronger as you are near the end (thigh areas and pelvic muscles)

#4 – Increased warmness. You will start feeling it when you are very close to the orgasm and it will be related to the pelvic and genital area.

Of course, every individual is different and order can be changed but these are the most important things that you should expect from the successful prostate milking attempt. But let’s get back to the sexy Domme below that is showing slave how does it fill to stick a finger inside his ass and makes him cum like the little bitch. She is perfectly aware how important is to make a man horny and keep the rection during the process. If you want a proper release of the semen, all everything has to be in place. Considering that men are visual beings, that is not a problem for her. Handsome, seductive and strict at the same time, Miss Madeline is wearing black nylon stockings, tight corset, and high heels. She is very please when noticed how his dick reacting to her appearance. This means that the session will be pretty easy and enjoyable for her. Still, experienced Dominatrix as she knows very well that some guys can react strangely when something enters their butt hole. To prevent this scenario, she tied all his limbs with a strong rope. This will ensure total control over his body. With the legs spread and hands tied helplessly, she can finally start fingering his ass, slowly and gently. Of course, it won’t be like that all the time, but it is the good beginning and one of the legitimate milking techniques.

While penetrating his ass, Madeline is holding his dick in the other hand. At some point, she noticed that his cock is loosing stiffness. I wouldn’t say so, but maybe that was just the excuse for what she did next. There no better way to get some blood pumping into the cock than to force a tied guy to put a tongue inside her own ass. That area is sensitive for the females, too. You can see how that looked like on the forced ass worship below. This didn’t distract her from the original plan as you might think so she continued fingering him and touching the prostate. As expected, amount of cum ejaculated and muscle twitching just proved her theory from the beginning of this article. It is possible to drain the slave just with the proper technique of anal penetration and prostate milking. The side effect is that a guy was total humiliation after showing how easily he can be controlled. Everything was done without his consent which is just showing hos weak and pathetic he is. 

Prostate milking images

sexy girl preparing to milk the guy Anal fingering and prostate massage keep the dick hardstrong ejaculation after the milking

Except for sexual pleasure or the purpose of female domination, when you milk the prostate has some additional effects. Prostate health is increased, and chances to get a prostate cancer is drastically reduced. If you are looking for more sample, take a look at a special page on this site, dedicated to the ass fingering domination where you will find explicit photos and videos of anal penetration. 

Prostate Milking
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