Princess Nikki Cruel

Princess Nikki Cruel definitely deserves that nickname. If you remember this Mistress from before, then you know that she is an expert in toilet slave humiliation, ass worship, foot worship, ball busting and even femdom scat.  But today you are about to watch princess in a slightly different cruel humiliation scenario. This female domination update will let you see her in a completely new light. This means that she is not alone as usual and that she is going to share her slave with two more Goddesses. But what is going and what is the reason behind group femdom torture scene? Let me explain you.

Brat girls are punishing a slave under the supervision of Dominatrix Nikki. The main reason for this cruel femdom session is because the slave is caught masturbating. And isn’t one of the first rule of femdom not to think about yourself and own needs? That includes masturbating or any kind of personal pleasure. If you are wondering who are other two Dommes, these are Princess Nomi and Princess Minnie. When together, these bitches can be described as a devastating team. This will be for sure an evening for a slave to remember for a long time. To welcome him, brat princess Nomi is equipped with a rod, and whip and other tools used to to make the horses run faster.

Whipping a slave is just the beginning. They did it so fiercely that slave couldn’t stand anymore and ended on the floor in total agony. There is no part of his body that is spared from a cane, just like it should be. If you take a better look at the last photo below, you will see Princess Nikki Cruel sitting and supervising the rest of the session and enjoying looking the finish from the black leather sofa.

Princess Nikki Cruel

Brutal femdom caning punishment
femdom slave lying in pain
dominatrix in boots
Princess Nikki Cruel
Dominatrix supervising debauchery

Princess Nikki Cruel
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