Paddling Corporal Punishment

Paddle punishment that this stupid guy is about to get will definitely take down that irritating smile from his face. Look at him at the first photo below. With his almost erected dick, he is so happy standing there in front of a sexy blonde, Mistress Lina. I must admit, she looks pretty cute and innocent but the look can be deceiving and naive boy will that learn in the coming minutes. I believe he thought that being naked in front a sexy and clothed girl will end like some CFNM session that many guys love so much.

Of course, that was the first mistake. The second one is that he didn’t even try to run away. Once he is pinned down to the sofa, there is no way to escape this kinky domme well versed in the corporal punishments. But before you proceed with enjoying slave’s suffering and watching the photos below, there is one small trick that you should know. I believe that it would probably save this guy but now it is too late for him. I will expose one tiny detail that can help you know is a girl in front of you a serious treat for your ass. When you see that she is holding a paddle with holes in it, there is a good reason for that. There is less air drag when the paddle approaches the buttocks and produces more sting. And that means more pain and damage to the punished ass. Experienced spanking dommes know this very well.

The results of a paddle punishment you can see in the last photo below. I would love to see his face now and compared it to the beginning of corporal punishment session. I can bet that the smile is now lost together with his pride.  But that is a tribute to inexperience that he has to pay. A lesson learned!

Paddle punishment photos:

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Paddling Corporal Punishment
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