Mistress Zoe

Mistress Zoe is one of my favorite femdom spanking mistresses. For all of you people that somehow missed her punishment sessions, today’s update will help you understand what I am talking about. This time we have something slightly different than usually. Mistress Zoe will have a help from the ultimate spanking dominatrix, Mistress Lina. 

Zoe brought one of her boyfriends to be trained. She knows very well how effective are the methods like female domination paddling or hard caning so she decided to start with brutal paddle hits. The slave is forced to bend over while his Mistress is hitting him hard. To ensure that he is not moving or trying to evade hits, experienced dominatrix, Mistress Lina, is holding his head. It didn’t take much time before slave’s ass became red from the harsh hits. Basically, now it is more sensitive than it ever was. At that point, it is time to put him over the Miss Zoe’s knees. With his ass almost bloody, every next hit hurts more and more. As mentioned above, Mistress Zoe is a real expert in bare hand spanking. Once he is placed in the proper position, over the knee spanking debauchery debauchery finally starts. Oh yes, and it will last. There is no easy ending for this. Since this guy is tall, Miss Lina has to help again by holding him. His body is shivering from the pain and he is pretty weak and helpless. It seems that girls knew that this is about ho happen and they planned everything. 

If you are wondering where you can see the complete session, check out latest updates from the site of Vixen Ladies. There you will find the full 25-minute long exclusive spanking training video from this session.Yeah, very long, with a lot of pain, humiliation, and suffering.

Mistress Zoe training boyfriend:

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Mistress Zoe spanking boyfriend

Mistress Zoe
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