Mistress Tangent Ballbusting Torture

Mistress Tangent is one of the most searched dommes in the last previous months. She is gaining in popularity and when you take a look at this ballbusting torture femdom video, you will clearly see why. She is not new in the world of female domination and I think that videos like this one are helping that more and more people are starting to discover her skills. Mistress Tangent is one of those dominant women that will ruin a slave completely with a smile on her face. She is so sexy, seductive and strict in the same that many dommes should learn from her how to treat their slaves. I know this is a naturally inborn attitude but still, some of the things she is doing are an absolute success. If you are into the ball busting fetish, you are going to like the way how she is treating this slave’s balls. Brutal squeezing and painful twisting are the introductions to the ultimate balls kicking torture that is about to happen. Clearly, Mistress Tangent is seriously enjoying what she is doing and this is not acting. But as I’ve said, this is a natural gift and domination talent. So what is going on here in this balls torture video?

Does this pathetic and tied slave has what it takes to keep a true Goddess entertained long enough for her to allow his small cock to cum? Goddess Tangent want to see just how well slave can obey and show her complete submission to becoming a personal slave. If tied slave impresses her, sexy dark haired dominatrix, mistress Tangent may just allow him to cum before locking that tiny cock back up into chastity where it belongs. But after this brutal balls squeezing, it is a good question will his genitals even be able to ejaculate a sperm.

Mistress Tangent Video:

Mistress Tangent Ballbusting Torture
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