Mistress T Review

Well..we don’t know how to properly start the review of Mistress T’s website and to somehow hide our enthusiasm to avoid giving an advantage to this site over other ones. It will be very hard since this is probably one of the best Mistresse’s websites we have encountered until now and you will soon see why we think so.

There is a big chance that you have already seen Mistress T on some of other sites we have reviewed here but this site is her personal home page with all exclusive content. Those familiar with Mistress T already know what they can find here but for those that don’t you should read this review and learn what a serious personal website looks like.

This site has been online since 2008 (4 years )and it is updated every other day with exclusive, genuine female domination content. If you want precise figures, in the moment of review, there are more then 940 videos (ranging from 4-20 minutes in length. The average is 10 mins. There are around 500 photos available but the focus of this site is on femdom videos and that is exactly what you are going to find inside.

What we noticed is that when you visit the site at first, you don’t have a feeling that this site is offering so much. But all those who have that feeling are making a big mistake. Content quality and femdom scenarios are amazing. It is incredible how Mistress T can tease you just by words and not to mention some serious female domination. Below, you can see some photo samples from the member zone that we used just to give you a better idea of the perfect body and attitude of the gorgeous Mistress T.

Once you become a member of Mistress T, you will find some nice features made for easier browsing and using the website. All videos are sorted by niche (Fetish) so besides seeing latest updates sorted by date you can choose between next 10 categories: Cuckolding, Female Domination, Foot (body) Goddess Worship, Giantess, Humiliation (degradation), masturbation instructions, race related morale-related fetish, toilet training and other action. But, this doesn’t mean that this is all. There are many femdom videos containing things like Tease & Denial, Orgasm Control, strap-on, trampling, nylon fetish, ballbusting, ass worship or to be more prices, around 120 different fetishes. This is making Mistress T a real and complete dominatrix, a renowned FemDom & fetish specialist. You should know that Mistress T was featured on many famous femdom websites like Divine Bitches, The English Mansion, Mean Dungeon, Vicious FemDom, etc.

When we are talking about videos, older ones are in WMV format , current ones are MP4, very high-quality HD (large file sizes but can be watched on the largest screen with vivid resolution) and every update has its own description, length information and date when it was published (Clear file size information is posted for each movie ). This means that you won’t have a problem finding what you are looking for and there is a search feature available so you can easily access your favorite content. What we also liked is an animated gif, forgoing the traditional still shot or bulky sample gallery, giving the user a clearer idea of whether or not this is the sort of clip he or she would be interested in.

Mistress T is a Vancouver-based dominatrix and her site’s tagline is ‘What do you crave?’. She actually does a lot of traveling in the U.S. and Europe and keeps track of this on her blog that is very interesting to read and it is one more additional feature on her website. We can say that she is perfectly mixing things like foot worship, cum eating, humiliation and all this stuff ranges from more softcore to full on hardcore so now we have to decide which video to use below as a sample of her work. We need to choose one so Mistress T review keeps our standard review format so we decided to go with a softcore video where you can see her attitude and experience she is showing by just using words. Now, you can imagine what more serious action looks like (remember, there are many hardcore femdom videos from ballbusting to strapon) but we are limited to one video sample per review.

When we were browsing this site, we had constant feeling that this is the real thing, one website that is giving more than several averages and different sites put together. There is no any limit (DRM restriction) and sound on video clips is clear so you can enjoy listening to Mistress’s voice while she is giving precise orders to pathetic slaves. Maybe it is good to mention that once you become a member, you will have access to a forum and section where you can see latest video updates and what video is most downloaded. There is a difference between membership types available. There is standard and premium membership. Standard has a download cap of 5 videos-per-day and doesn’t allow video streaming while the premium membership is nearly twice as high, it’s definitely worth the price since you will be able to have fast jerk offs while watching high-quality streaming videos. As mentioned above, there are so many different scenarios that it is hard to decide but some will feature Mistress T getting her pink pussy rubbed and fingered while her husband watches and is denied access to the action. This is made so good that you will soon find yourself looking for more cuckold videos. In one POV flick, you find yourself in the shoes of the Mistress’ prom date. You’re getting the chance to fuck her at the end of the night, but things come to an abrupt halt when she realizes that you’ve got a tiny cock. From that point forward, there’s no sex, just degrading comments and humiliation.

There are many very specific and perverted femdom scenarios like one where Mistress T is the concerned mother of a teenage boy who everyone feared may grow up to be a homosexual. Naturally, as any a lady familiar with the latest techniques in modern parenting, she decides to take matters into her own hands; showing her boy just what’s so special about a woman’s touch.

Mistress T’s site is probably one of the best personal websites plus you will find many other dominant bitches helping her in her pervert femdom scenes so there is no chance of getting bored with what you are getting here. This site is our nominee for best 2012 femdom website and if you still are not there, click on the link below to visit it.


Mistress T Review
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