Mistress Cheyenne

Mistress Cheyenne is the great fan of cock torture and ballbusting. She is always looking for the new ways to humiliate men and give them some pain. Today it is no different except a way how she is doing it. From what we can see on Mistress Cheyenne femdom photos below, it seems that everything is going on in some kind of improvised femdom dungeon. She knows very well that there is no place that can’t be used for femdom torture. What makes her a great dominatrix is precisely that feature of being capable of adapting to any situation.

Mistress leads slave in by a chain around his cock. She then straps him into a swinging bed and begins his torment for the day. Cheyenne whips, paddles, and canes his cock to get him warmed up. The more pain she inflicts, the harder will’s cock gets. That is what she wanted to accomplish. Once his pathetic and horny dick is ready, she will start beating it with various tools that she found there. This also includes boxing gloves that seem perfect for genitals beating. As usually, before she started torturing him, the slave has to be restrained. You know, pain coming from hurting his genitals sometimes can be so strong. Some of the men will simply try to protect them once it is out of their control. Just because of that, this dominatrix wants to keep absolutely everything under her control. There is no a chance that this guy can even try to run. His cock and balls must be at her disposal from the very moment session starts. Until Mistress Cheyenne decide that it was enough. And that, of course, depends on his behavior. If he doesn’t resist and keep listening to her orders, it will be better for him. Anyway, you should also see one more of her ballbusting photos gallery where this sexy domme in black stockings is playing sith slave’s cock and balls.

Mistress Cheyenne cock torture photos:

Mistress Cheyenne
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