Mistress An Li

Mistress An Li is one of the top-ranked Dommes in the Los Angeles area. Femdom Destiny had the honor to talk to her and this is what she has to say about herself:

Let’s make one thing clear: I believe in pushing your limits as an expression of your submission to Me. You will suffer for Me because it makes Me laugh, because it tests your worth and because you never had any choice in the matter. Intuitive, depraved, and articulate, I am the Superior Goddess you have been aching to serve.

I consider myself an Alpha Female through and through. As a child, I was the girl who ran around the playground kicking annoying boys in the groin. As an adult…I do much of the same, but with much more devastating precision, wit, and a singular panache a refined control. And it is through this control that I find moments of divinity. Through your surrender, I will architect a scene from the pieces of your psyche left neglected.

While I have always been a heavy sadist since the beginning, I do not ask that masochism be the primary requirement when serving Me. Instead, I thrive on a strong interpersonal energy with My subs that of which carves an indelible memory into your kinky mind. Should We meet up, surely you won’t forget Me or My smile.

As a Disciplinarian, I will break down who you are for a better cause: My cause.
As a Seductress, I will mesmerize until you are quivering and wrapped around My finger.
As a Fetishist, I will luxuriate you in the essences of My being.
As a Mother, I will be the womb you’ve always yearned for.

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Mistress An Li indulge in…
– Corporal punishment and spanking (all implements: caning, single tail whipping, flogging, paddling, tawsing, etc)
– Light to heavy medical explorations (a personal favorite)
– Bondage (partial to complete immobilization via rope, leather restraints, rubber, plastic wrap, tape, as well as predicament and suspension)
– Humiliation
– Electrical play (Erostek, violet wand, shock collars)
– Slave training
– Sissification and slut training (full gender transformations, stretching, etc.)
– Smothering
– Beatdowns
– Smoking fetish
– Roleplays and psychodramas
– Hypnosis
– Public play/outings
– Taboo and bizarre fetishes
– and much more. Don’t see yours on here? Send Me a message.

Before contacting Me, I require that you have the following information in hand:

Your name
Where you found Me
What you are seeking to achieve in a session with Me
Your level of experience
What your best and worst sessions consisted of and why
Your hard limits and medical conditions, if any
For how long you are seeking to serve
What sort of availability you have (dates and times)
References, if any

Should you have a desire to chat and get to know Me before Our first session, I am amenable to phone and femdom cam sessions, as well as real-time meetings at a location of My choosing. For a little taste of Me, I also offer worn items and specific Goddess Goods.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
toilet training, bondage, caning, smothering, humiliation
Mistress An Li
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