Lezdom Spanking Initiation

Lezdom spanking is the well-hidden secret for a special tennis club where only females can get in. Alex Reynolds has invited her friend Rococo to join this exclusive girls only tennis club. There are so many benefits. For example, she will be part of a close-knit group of girls and participate in special events, once she has been through the initiation process. Of course, all that seems pretty interesting and attractive for a young girl but there is always a catch. Right? To be accepted, there is an initiation process that she needs to go through. The trick is that she is asked will she accept it but without knowing what how initiation looks like. Rococo is hesitant but wants to know more about the initiation. Once she figured out that no more info will be discovered, s she agrees thinking that it can’t be anything bad since all the girls there look normal and pretty innocent.  Once she accepted, Alex explains that the initiation includes spanking humiliation, a riding crop, a leather paddle and a wooden pickleball paddle. Nervous Rococo goes across Alex lap, but she quickly discovers that spanking is not all about pain. She finds the sting of Alex hand erotic and does not mind in the least when Alex moves her into an open legged position. Her body gives away how much she likes it as much as her moans do, and Rococo is too turned on to be embarrassed when Alex spreads Rococo further to inspect her wetness.

Each implement makes her petite bottom redder and her cries of pleasure louder, until eventually, she comes just from the spanking.  This lesbian spanking session is one of our most erotic recently and leaves very little to the imagination. Rococo and Alex have amazing and sensual chemistry on camera together. It’s even more special that Rococo came up with the initiation storyline herself!

Lezdom spanking initiation:

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Lezdom Spanking Initiation
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