Lesbian Foot Worship

Lesbian foot worship photo gallery comes as a small refreshment in the sea of the latest femdom updates. The reason, why I want to publish this gallery, is a talk I had. I’ve recently had kind of a chat on the local party where people were talking about the personal relationships. None of them knew my background in femdom and I’ve cleverly placed it as a subject. What is interesting is that most of the people there didn’t saw lesbian domination as the part of femdom. As long as there are a dominatrix and a male slave, everything is fine. But when I ‘ve explained to them that a serious Domme equally loves to humiliate males and females they didn’t agree on that. Maybe, that is the lack of experience on their side. I’ve seen so many hardcore lesbian domination torture scenarios in my lifetime so I can say that lezdom is definitely a variation of femdom.

Anyway, here are some softer lesbian foot worship photos for today. I won’t go far this time with something brutal, at least not today. This photo gallery is dedicated to all those naive people not understanding the concept of real female domination so I recommend it as the introduction to the kinky world of lezdom. This is the entry level of every domination relationship including the one between two females. While a sexy Mistress is relaxing on the sofa, a blonde female slave came to her knees under Domme’s feet. Once she is there, with a few gentle moves, Mistress placed her feet inside slave’s mouth. What I like the most is that both girls are really sexy. Slave girl has sexy leather boots on while her Mistress took her shoes off and she is now expecting a feet massage. Just take a look at the third foot worship photo below. I can bet that pierced tongue helps to serve that massage better. 

Lesbian Foot Worship photos:

lezdom humiliation

lesbian foot worship

fishnet feet licking
lesbian feet licking

Lesbian Foot Worship
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