Mistress Harlow Harrison

Harlow Harrison is the type of woman that deserve and demands to be served all the time. Being a good servant is a demanding task. Before she lets someone be her slave, Mistress Harlow Harrison need to be sure that a male is good enough for her. The regular procedure is to train a servant properly. Usually, those female domination training last for a week or sometimes more (depending on the mood of the Mistresse). Below, you are about to see one part of those training. I note, this is the first step in the process and this is not the complete one.

Dressed to dominate, she is wearing the tight corset and shiny over-knee boots. One of the orders for this slave was to be and stay on his knees all the time. Whatever that his Mistress is doing to him, he must remain in a humble position. It sounds easy, but it is not. Once a sexy and cruel dominatrix starts whipping, it is very hard to stand still under all those hits. The reason for this is that she don’t want to have some weak slave that can’t handle pain. Even if whipping is very painful, there are much worse things that a femdom Mistress can to a slave. I am talking (for example) about brutal ballbusting or balls crushing. Take a look at the tools hanging on the wall behind them. It is clearly showing what this guy should expect in the future. Until then, with a mask over his head, he has to act like a good human animal.

Personally, I don’t care much about the slaves. They are just the objects, but the shape of a body of a Mistress Harlow Harrison will make most of the men breathless. Just look at those perfect boobs and her butt. The perfection!

Harlow Harrison photos:

harlow harrison

Mistress in latex boots     Victory Pose Mistress

Mistress Harlow Harrison
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  1. Joachim says:

    I want to Walk Nude for women in mall.

  2. Cosplay says:

    Good looking mistress. hehe

  3. slave billy says:

    Lucky slave….his honor to serve.

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