Female Domination Torture

Female domination torture can come in various forms. Exactly that unpredictability is something I like so much. Today’s update is the perfect illustration of a volatile nature of female supremacy. I know that some of you guy maybe already saw this gallery long ago but I’ve recently found it in my personal archives and I believe it deserves to be published and shared.

So what is going on here is that two cruel femdom Mistresses needed a slave to satisfy their BDSM femdom needs. But what to do when there are no slaves available and you want to solve the problem fast? It is easy, you just need a phone to call for a taxi. Once the driver is there, kinky Dommes organized a classic kidnapping like you are seeing in the movies. With the bag over his face, cab driver never had a chance to call for a help. The next thing he will see is that he is locked in a strange place (at least strange for him).  Basically, this is his first female domination torture experience and as most of the captured men, this one is not resisting at all. Being under control of two sexy Goddesses and being confused with his current location is enough to overcome him completely. The poor guy knew that there is something like bondage fetish but he never thought that he will be part of such session. As mentioned at the beginning, that is the real beauty of a dominant female nature.

Once girls got him restrained it is just a matter of their personal preference how they will proceed. They are intentionally mentioning what tools they have ( femdom strapon,  humbler for a ball torture, leather whip, etc) what is additionally making a slave being frightened. Anyway, Sado Ladies decided that one dominatrix take his pants down so they can start with a severe whipping first. What I can say is that from my experience the next thing will be a femdom cock torture and that is when a new guy will face the real pain and agony

Female Domination Torture

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Female Domination Torture
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