Cruel Ball Torture

Cruel ball torture is one of the favorite methods of femdom discipline for a Mistress Lea Lexis. But this is not an “ordinary” cock and balls torture update. I mean, yes, the slave will have to go through cruel ball torture and pegging and will end exhausted, humiliated and in pain. But the special part is kind of sci fi surrounding. Just take a look at this incredible futuristic medical fetish dungeon!

Colors, lights, shapes and even a gynecological chair look like in the top quality Hollywood movies. I see this as a real refreshment compared to some of the recent cock and ball BDSM videos. Still, the main thing in this painful female domination session is the slave’s balls. Before dominatrix starts squeezing them hard, she is letting her slave smell her pussy. No licking or kissing, he doesn’t deserve that. She just wants to be sure that he remembers the scent of her vagina. You know, redolence of her pussy is a very memorable. And when people are going through the stressful and harsh situations, they tend to relate it to the smell that was present at that time. If you are wondering why she is doing this, the answer is simple. Mistress Lea Lexis will keep this guy as her personal slave. She wants to make his life as hard as possible. With the method described above, every next time when he feels her pussy, his brain will automatically send a message that the pain and torture are coming. 

These kind of ingenious ideas are coming only from the most experienced and kinkiest Dommes like divine Miss Lexis. Now, I will let you enjoy the photos of a Goddess brutally ball busting slave’s balls while he is screaming in agony and pain! There is a CBT video of this female domination torture session available. I won’t tell you where is it, you should make some effort and show the respect this way for what Dominatrix is doing here.

Cruel Ball Torture

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Cruel Ball Torture
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