Chastity Mistresses

Chastity mistresses, Goddess Parker Swayze and hot Dominatrix Maya Bijou are about to have one more pleasant afternoon together. Of course, in the world of female domination, that means that they need a sub to humiliate and force him to please their wishes. Since they need to have a quick solution, the search for a today’s slave is solved quickly.  As every smart and serious female, Miss Parker always has some of those pathetic guys crawling around trying to be closer to such a beautiful lady. Now, you are about to see why that is important.

Even if Dommes don’t need a special reason to humiliate men, it is always great to make him feel responsible for something. So the girls told him that his behavior is unacceptable, which means the beautiful goddesses are going to have to teach him a lesson. To humiliate him, Goddess Parker Swayze makes him strip and locks him up in chastity, giving the key to Goddess Maya Bijou so that she owns him. Watch as she makes him remove her heels and stockings, training him to be a good little feet servant. See her strap her heel to his face with her stocking, making him smell her heel while he kneels before them as a footrest for their pretty feet. Surprisingly, the chastity foot slave is performing very well. Frankly, foot fetish Dommes were not expecting that. This is a very pleasant surprise that made them consider keeping this slave of 2 mistresses for the long term servitude. But they will wait for the end of the chastity training session and see how pathetic guy will perform once his strength is near the end. You know, even if it looks easy to kneel in front of the chastity mistresses, every real chastity slave know that is it not like that. 

Anyway, considering that you are clearly interested in the femdom chastity slavery, there are two updates I want to recommend. The first one is about slave teased while being tied to the torture chair. That video is featuring divine Goddess, Mistress Marley. The second one is more brutal and different than the classic slave worships you are usually seeing. Some of you are already guessing that behind this description is Mistress Sidonia Von Bork stretching a helpless BDSM sub. The best part is that she is doing that in the woods where no one can help him out.

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Chastity Mistresses
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  1. john Alanna says:

    slave caged is nothing more than a lowly slave forever locked in a chastity, the slave has just been locked into an extremely small cage only one and a half inches k\in depth.

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