Brutal Ballbusting

Brutal ballbusting is the favorite thing to do for two young goddesses. Kinky brunette and blonde simply love to watch men in agony coming from the harsh kicks in their groins. What they learned in their previous brutal ballbusting sessions is that a proper kick with the knee is worth more than with a foot. Now they want to test their theory. The idea is to see how many hits to the balls it takes to send a slave to the ground. Girls are going to give their best to do it as soon as possible. They even made a bet between themselves. This is what is making blonde one of them even more motivated and she will give 110% of effort to do it ASAP. 

Before they started hitting slave’s genitals, Dommes told him to pull his dick up. They are experienced enough so they know that a dick on the way can relieve the impact to the balls. If they want that their femdom ballbusting experiment to succeed, nothing can be on the way, including his dick. Once brutal CBT started, a slave started screaming. It seems that he experiences this as a form of extreme ballbusting. After a few minutes of ball kicking, it seems that a blonde girl was closer so she won the bet. But that doesn’t mean that they will stop torturing ballbusting slave. On the contrary. the real fun has just begun. Considering that he can’t stand on his feet, girls allowed him to lay down on the bed. With their clothes off and now feeling even more comfortable, they continued a ball busting rampage. I would say that this is one of the top rated knee ballbusting session I’ve ever seen. There is some special kind of pleasure for me everytime I watch brutal balls torture photos, and this time is no different. 

Brutal Ballbusting photos

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Brutal Ballbusting
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