Boots Worship

boots worship


Boots Worship, this time by Mistress Ella Kross, is an eternal fetish for many men. Probably, that is why you are here. of so, then you know that you simply can’t get enough of boots worship. Especially if dominatrix is a real pro domme, like Ella Kross is.

She toys with her slave, teasing him with her leather boots while punishing him with increasingly heavy canes. Experienced and cruel, this goddess knows very well that key to good boots licking and worship is to physically hurt a slave. Why is that? Because once he feels real pain and anger, boots worship will look like a child’s play to him. To avoid further torture, in this case, brutal caning, he will give his best to lick those boots. In this way, Mistress will get proper worship and will be able to rate is that slave valuable to her or not. Cruel domme like Ella Kros simply doesn’t want to lose her precious time with pathetic guys that can’t satisfy her and her need properly.

As mentioned at the beginning, you simply can’t get enough of mistress worship. Because of that, I’ve picked up few of my favorite female domination worship scenes. For all of you facesitting fetish lovers, check out busy ass worship  or butt worship galleries. Female worship is a broad term. People have various fetishes in this field. Here at Femdom Destiny you can find most of them. Some people simply love socks worship while some love stuff like naked feet worship or lezdom foot worship. These are just some of the examples of various femdom fetish  galleries and videos. You are free to explore our huge femdom archive by using search option that you will find at upper right corner. Enjoy it !

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Boots Worship
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