Young Mistress

Young Mistress, Goddess Danis is not what her boyfriend thought that she is. She only looks like the regular hot girlfriend but she is not only that. It seems that Dani decided that moment of truth finally came. This is going to be a serious surprise for her boyfriend that just came to visit her. 

As always, getting to see Dani means that he is expecting to get laid. It worked good, at least until now. There was no reason to think differently when he saw her waiting for him in bra and sexy nylon stockings. High heels were his fetish anyway so everything looked perfect. With a smile on his face, he accepted what she told him and that is going go on his knees. Poor guy though that she is going to do some sexy dance in front of him, or something like that. At that point, the first sign that something is wrong happened. Young Mistress slapped his face hard. The boyfriend was confused totally and that left him stuck in the same position. Just as it should. After the first hit few more came. Now he is realizing that this is serious but he is still not trying to resist. This is the first time that someone is doing this to him. The combination of pain, humiliation, and confusion works very well. 

What he doesn’t know is that this is just the beginning of a new role in his pathetic life. Once this sexy femdom goddess considered that he understands the message, it is time for some more kinky stuff. First, she is going to put a pressure on his back, while using the slave as a human furniture. She remembered that he has a fetish for high heel shoes and that he was always asking her to have them on. Well, now is the time to show some devotion and make them shiny with a tongue before Mistress Dani starts trampling female domination abusing.

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femdom face slapping human furniture femdom shoes worship femdom trampling

Young Mistress
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