Young Goddess

Young goddess in this update looks pretty gentle and friable. But as you are about to see that is absolutely not true. On the opposite, she naturally dominant and a cruel bitch. Who would ever say that cute and petite girl can be a brutal and dangerous femdom Mistress? Well, that is exactly what this stupid and naive guy thought when she called him to show him something. She didn’t even have to explain him what. Young Goddess is perfectly aware how sexy she is and how her glamorous beauty affects men, especially older ones. She is able to seduce them with ease. After some time, even if she is so green, young Mistress learned to get what she wants. And today she wants to relieve some stress. There is no better way to do it than to torture male slave.

So she picked one older and horny guy who thought that finally, a luck smiled to him. When he saw a young girl in a leather skirt, he wasn’t asking much. Young goddess told him to follow her and help her something in the old attic. Once they were there, teen femdom goddess showed hear real face. At first, it was interesting to this older guy to take orders from the sexy girl. She looks so hot in the high heels and there was no real reason not to accept her game. But when she started hitting him hard with a whip, the pain became so strong that he immediately figured out that something bad is going to happen now. At that point, it was late to resist. He was without clothing and practically naked. There was no chance to get at least his pants and run away. And if he runs naked, she can easily report him for the sexual attack. Who would believe to an old pervert that he is a victim? No one, of course.

So, he figured out that only thing that can be done is to let the young goddess to finish what she started. She must be pleased and relaxed before he is free to go. But that won’t be so easy. beside femdom whipping, cruel bitch is also trampling his already tortured body that is covered in red bruises. And that hurts. But he shouldn’t worry. There will also be time for the pause. Young goddess loves to smoke. But a fine girl like she is taking care about the ashes. She doesn’t want to leave it all around. The logical step would be to use the human ashtray

Young Goddess torturing slave :

Young Goddess
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  1. Sub Birmingham says:

    This is simply beautiful. Anyone knows how to get in contact with a real young dominatrix? I am willing to do whatever she tells me.

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