The British Institution

It seems that this month will bring us more new reviewed sites then usually. Maybe this means that finally things in femdom online scene start going forward with new projects. Today we have honor to review The British Institution. One more of those new sites but this one have enough content inside member zone so you don’t have to worry.

The British Institution was launched on May 2012. Currently, there are  22 hoursof femdom humiliation footage on line. Another important thing you should know is that site is updated  daily with either clips or high quality photo galleries. Most of member zone content are videos but there are also some photo galleries available. Below, there are some photo samples taken from member zone. Please, notice that photos are in reduced size so they can fit our review format.

Once you join member zone of The British Institution, you will see well and simply organized are for members, just as it should be. Latest updates are always on top where every update (photo or video) have brief description about it. Video updates have all necessary info like video format and clip length and date when that video was uploaded.Navigation between pages is orgsnized by dropdown menu if you don’t like going one page a he time. Below you can see print screen of member zone.

Currently, format of video  is wmv (windows media) and  photos are in jpeg, but they plan to upgrade videos  to MP4. Soon, you should expect a bonus photostories, probably from next month. You are probably wondering what kind of British female domination content you will get inside, so here it is: uniform, CP, shoes, boots, metal bondage and prison fetish. This is probably one and only website with so much prison femdom content what you can already see on sample photos above. Even if site is mostly dedicated to this specific femdom fetish, member zone also feature more generic FD like: kicking, slapping, spitting, trample, food crush, nylon fetish etc to keep the site varied while complimenting the core themes.

As you already got used to, with every reviewed site we have one sample video from member zone. Notice that video is in reduced size and quality and randomly chosen from member zone so for more samples, you will need to visit this unique femdom site: some time, we will update this review with fresh samples on important info,and until then, we have left best thing for the end, and that is info that  possible to visit some of the models for a private session at The Institution. For more info about this genuine feature, click on link below and visit The British Institution.


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