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Flogging Femdom Torture

Flogging, whipping or lashing is the act of beating the human body with special implements such as whips, lashes, rods, switches, the cat o’ nine tails, the sjambok, etc. Typically, flogging is imposed on an unwilling subject as a punishment; however, it can also be submitted to willingly, or performed...

hardcore femdom

Hardcore Femdom Whipping

Hardcore femdom whipping at its finest. What else to expect if you have two very cruel Goddesses working together? At the first photo below, you can see Mistress Jean Bardot posing in the shiny costume and very sexy pantyhose. With a new whip in her hands, she is clearly showing...

young mistress

Young Mistress

Young Mistress, Goddess Danis is not what her boyfriend thought that she is. She only looks like the regular hot girlfriend but she is not only that. It seems that Dani decided that moment of truth finally came. This is going to be a serious surprise for her boyfriend that just...

Harlow Harrison

Mistress Harlow Harrison

Harlow Harrison is the type of woman that deserve and demands to be served all the time. Being a good servant is a demanding task. Before she lets someone be her slave, Mistress Harlow Harrison need to be sure that a male is good enough for her. The regular procedure...

young dominatrix

Young Dominatrix

Young dominatrix at the amateur femdom photos below will show us that is is absolutely possible to dominate and torture a slave at the comfort of her home. Many people think that a good and successful female domination session can be performed only if a Mistress has a dungeon at her disposal,...

young goddess

Young Goddess

Young goddess in this update looks pretty gentle and friable. But as you are about to see that is absolutely not true. On the opposite, she naturally dominant and a cruel bitch. Who would ever say that cute and petite girl can be a brutal and dangerous femdom Mistress? Well, that...

femdom bdsm

Femdom BDSM Whipping

Femdom BDSM video that you are going to see here will show you raw brutality of the whipping torture. Blonde Mistress Holly seems like the perfect person for this task. Obviously, this something she is often doing because there is no other explanation for this successful and brutal female domination whipping torture....

Teen Femdom

Teen femdom is something that is not so easy to find young girls dominating their slaves. In the free teen femdom photo gallery below, you can see two gorgeous and young dommes abusing two male slaves. These girls are really young but that doesn’t mean that they are not capable of handling...

Sexy Femdom Mistresses

Sexy Femdom Mistresses, Mistress Belle and goddess Darcie hate delays when they give commands. And for whatever reason this slave is just acting sluggish today. It’s no wonder they keep the cock shocker on him at all times, it seems to be the only way to get him to behave...

Cruel Whipping Femdom Video

Locked inside a dungeon, naked sub is brutally punished and whipped by his strict dominatrix dressed in sexy and tight brown leggings and high heel boots.   CLICK TO VISIT THIS CRUEL FEMDOM SITE

Brutal Continual Beating

Brutal continual beating, serious corporal punishment!! Princess Ami drags her new slave in front of the Goddess Council represented by Goddess Jasmine and Goddess Bijou. She complains that her new slave is useless and pathetic and requests assistance from the Goddess Council on the best way to deal with the...

Face Fucking and Cum Licking

After femdom face fucking, old slave is forced to cum on mistress Carly’s pussy in pantyhose and to lick his own cum! CLICK HERE TO VISIT MISTRESS CARLY

Brutal Outdoor Femdom Whipping

Brutal outdoor femdom whipping session  where two sexy goddesses are devastating helpless slave.     CLICK HERE FOR MORE YOUNG DOMMES

Asian Mistress Whipping Slave

Two gorgeous dommes playing with their boy toy they keep locked up in a box. Asian mistress in boots is whipping slave while he is licking other mistresses’s pussy.     CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS SITE  

Mistress in PVC Torturing Slave

Masked fem dom slave gets his sensitivity levels tested by a Mistress clad in silver PVC costume.   CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS FEMDOM SITE

Black Mistress Torturing Slave

Cruel and dangerous ebony dominatrix, Mistress Michelle wants to play, and with her white slave tied up with nowhere to go means he will be her willing playmate whether he likes it or not. That means randomly being whipped, slapped and spit on with Michelle venting her day’s frustrations on...

Fem dom Whipping Punishment

Madame Catarina finnished the bullwhipping but the punishment is not at the end. With her leather gloved hands she lowers his pants and returns with a devil single tail. Now she starts whipping him all over his body. She changes the whips again and now she tries a very very...

Sissy Slave Bisex Blowjob

Male slave is dressed up like a girl and trained to suck the cock of construction workers for his sexy mistress!     CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM HUMILIATION

forced pussy licking

Young Goddess Worship Photos

Locked deep inside her dungeon, Russian Goddess in black leather boots teases male slave before she force him with a whip,to lick her pussy and nipples. VISIT CHATEAU CUIR

Mistress Akella Whipping Slave

Mistress Akella returns in a very bad mood. That means a slave has to suffer now. She founds one already prepared for her whip in the hall. The blond goddess looks so stunning in her skin tight dress and her black leather designer boots. Her red gloves match her seductively...

Femdom Labor

You know how it is when you own a home, there’s always work to be done. Good thing Princess Ashlee owns multiple slaves, so she can use one of them to take care of the tedious hard labor. These concrete blocks need to be moved to form a fence so...

Painful Fem Dom Whipping

Two blonde goddesses facesitting, brutally whipping and torturing slave with pantyhose over his ugly face but that is not all..best part with hot wax is left for the end. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FATALE DOMMES

Outdoor Femdom Whipping Video

Only a broken man can become a good slave! That’s Lady Pascal’s straightforward but painful philosophy. So the very first experience for her new training slave is a heavy bullwhipping. The slave is led into the courtyard and ordered to put his hands to the wall. Lady Pascal looks cruel and...

Mistress O Torturing Cock

Mistress O has generously agreed to take care of another Mistress’s slave, whom she merely refers to as “boy”. Mistress O starts by having the slave standing upright in a metal collar attached to a cage with his legs spread wide so that she has full access to his delicate...

Three Mistresses Belting Slave

Riding day. The slave who’s carried the equipment for the Ladies now gets something to remember them by before being locked up naked in the barn. He’ll probably get more of the same when they get back, too.  

Femdom Strapon Cum

Amazonian sadist girl beats and fucks the hell out of sub guy! Once he was fucked in the ass, mistress cum on his face with her strap on. CLICK HERE FOR MORE STRAPON CUM