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petite asian mistress

Petite Asian Dominatrix

I know that many people have a strong fetish for female feet. After so many years being into the world of female domination and compatible fetishes, I am still learning new things. For example, every fetish has its own subcategories and that is nothing new. But what still impresses me...

trampling torture

Trampling Torture And Humiliation

Trampling torture is not on of the worst things that a mistress can do to harm a slave but it is defenit1elyl one of the easiest and fastest if she is in a hurry. Of course, that doesn’t mean this is some third grade or unimportant method. On the contrary....

ballbusting mistress

Ballbusting Mistress

Ballbusting Mistress role might seem like something easy. But there are some rules that every CBT dominatrix need to learn. The most important one is to know when it is too much. A girl getting into this brutal game should be aware that she is playing with the most sensitive...

young mistress

Young Mistress

Young Mistress, Goddess Danis is not what her boyfriend thought that she is. She only looks like the regular hot girlfriend but she is not only that. It seems that Dani decided that moment of truth finally came. This is going to be a serious surprise for her boyfriend that just...

foot domination

Foot Domination

Foot domination is the pretty broad term. Basically, there are different variations in this field but they all have one thing in common and that is to humiliate and hurt a slave with feet. There is also shortened version of this term and it is a combination of two words....

trampling mistress

Trampling Mistress

Trampling mistress on today’s Femdom Destiny update really looks spectacular. In the femdom trampling gallery below, you will see her dominating slave with her feet and make him earn his position and that is, under her feet. But let’s go slow and take a look at what is going on...

young goddess

Young Goddess

Young goddess in this update looks pretty gentle and friable. But as you are about to see that is absolutely not true. On the opposite, she naturally dominant and a cruel bitch. Who would ever say that cute and petite girl can be a brutal and dangerous femdom Mistress? Well, that...

femdom trampling

Femdom Trampling

Femdom trampling is a step closer to all of us thanks to the Trample City, a place where hundreds of beautiful woman have a chance to torture men by standing all over them. Sometimes they do that in the pair and sometimes they concentrate all of the weight on their...

boots trampling

Boots Trampling

Boots trampling torture like you have never seen before. This great video is the one of the newest coming from the Club Stiletto. If you are somehow still not familiar with this site, read more about it TOP 10 femdom sites. In the free femdom trampling video below you are about...

High Heels Trampling

High heels trampling is the very powerful method to keep your slave obedient and in good shape. Best of all is that you only need a pair of sexy high heel shoes and wish to hurt you guy. Unfortunate for this naked slave you will see in high heels trampling...

Face Trampling Femdom

Face trampling is a very specific subcategory of foot domination and trampling domination. It is probably most unpleasant and painful form of trampling humiliation. In today’s update, you are about to see why is that. Free femdom trampling photos gallery is showing three hot femdom Mistresses. They know that very...


Trampled male is something every footdom Dominatrix always loves to see. This time it is not different except this trampling Mistress is about to try various trampling positions on her masked male slave to see which one is best so she can use it more often in the future. Sexy...

Skin Tight Leggings Mistress

Skin tight leggings fetish is something many of us make so horny that we can’t control ourselves. If you are one of those guys, today’s Femdom Destiny update is featuring high resolution photos of sexy young femdom bitch in skin tight black leggings and high heels trampling and abusing slave....

Food Fetish Humiliation

Mistress Heather trampling and abusing slave before she crushed some food that slave must eat from the floor, while Mistress is spitting     LET ME SEE MORE FETISH FEMDOM BITCHES

Amateur Tramping Photos

Free amateur femdom trampling photo gallery where mistress in black leather boots is beating and trampling slave in public. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM TRAMPLING

Femdom Breath Control

Breath control is a very nice thing. We all need to breathe, thats why we live. To reduce or control someones breathing means to control his life! My slave is sitting on a chair and his hands are bound on the arm-rests, unable to move or to escape. I grab...

Slave Wrapped In Plastic

Wrapped in plastic, and with his cock pulled out, femdom slave will now face his goddess, Mistress Carly that will trample his erected cock. CLICK FOR MISTRESS CARLY PHOTOS AND VIDEOS

Long Foot Domination Video

Young and naive guy visits domme’s house to learn what real pain and humiliation are. Foot worship, high heels and trampling video.   CLICK TO SEE MORE FOOT DOMINATION VIDEOS

Trampling Schoolgirls

Two handsome goddesses dressed like schoolgirls in short skirts,shirts and boots, are brutally trampling naked slave.     CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM TORTURE

Young Blonde Trampling Slave

Young, beautiful and cruel blonde domme is beating and face slapping her slaveboy before she proceed with humiliating trampling on his chest.     CLICK HERE FOR MORE YOUNG MISTRESSES

Young Bitches Trampling

Commenting on a girl’s weight is rarely a good idea. That’s why Sara is slightly upset, as her slave is screaming in pain while she tramples him in her high heels. “Are you calling me fat?” Sara asks, disturbed that he would insinuate such a thing. “That’s not very nice!”...

Hot Femdom Boss

Hot bossy and handsome femdom lady rocking a transparent babydoll tramples and facesits her pathetic sub.   CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS FEMDOM WEBSITE

Public Trampling and Facesitting

Public disgrace of pathetic slave. His young blonde mistress in boots and without panties is facesitting his ugly face and trampling his chest. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM DISGRACE

Trampling Dance

Original and interesting way of preparing for a wild night in a club. Two really handsome European girls in tight dresses are using slave as a floor for their sick trample dance.   CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS SITE

redhead mistress

Mistress Drinking Wine

Redhead mistress Jessica is a fan of pain. Tall and handsome, she considers the pain as a normal thing. OF course, we are talking about other people’s pain, not hers. With that attitude, she is always looking for the way to give some pain to the men. Even when she...

Black Mistress Trampling

Mistress Jayla has never walked on a man before so may as well start with this man, he’s as good as any white man. He’s a small guy but for today he will serve the purpose of supporting her weight as she practices walking up and down on him.

cuckold sex video

Cuckold Sex On Trampled Slave

Cuckold sex video below is showing you why Mistress T is one of the best humiliatrixes today. She is always full of fresh ideas that you can’t see anywhere else. She is the ultimate cuckoldrix, and her rooms are full of a kinky cuckold secrets. Sure, she is also good in other...

Food Crushing and Trampling

After eating food from the floor that his mistress just crushed, next logical step is painful and humiliating trampling.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE YOUNG DOMMES

Young Femdom Trampling

Domestic female domination and trampling session by two really hot and young goddesses in tight dresses and fishnet stockings. CLICK HERE FOR MORE YOUNG DOMMES