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femdom torture mistresses

Femdom Torture Boots Domination

Femdom torture mistresses are bored and they need something to kill some time. Girls know that there are so many variations and possibilities how to torture and dominate the slave. Thanks to that, here at Femdom Destiny we are able to show thousands of different femdom videos and femdom torture photo...


BallBusting Schoolgirls

Ballbusting is probably one of the most painful things that female can do to a male, but it is definitely not they only one that they should afraid of. What would happen if, beside ballbusting, the bunch of girls starts a brutal revenge? When I say brutal femdom revenge, I...

extreme bondage

Extreme Bondage

Extreme bondage from a perspective of Cruel Goddess and Headmistress. What she got to say about this femdom torture session, Femdom Destiny copied from her blog: Regular readers of this blog already know I have a passion for extreme bondage and the dehumanization process strippingg away individuality) – so putting the...

Sperm Licking From Mistress’s Soles

This is what we here call real female domination. Cruel and handsome, dominatrix dressed in black fishnet stockings and black leather boots is about to let her slave through various methods of femdom and humiliation. Naked and fat guy had to swallow MIstress’s saliva first while she is preparing clamps...

Slaves In Queue Waiting To Be Tortured

  Today’s ballbusting update featuring Lady Natalie Black, Mistress Akella, Mistress Carly, Mistress Eleise de Lacy, Mistress Heather is so good that we had to add smal video preview since pictures can’t show how hard these bitches are kicking slave’s genitals. This is real unfair fight because 5 (yes, five) dominant...

helpless milking

Helpless Milking

Helpless milking is the rare fetish that some of you guys love so much. I’ve spent some time to find something good and share it with you. After looking for some unique cock milking photos or videos, I am publishing one of my top rated galleries for this month. As you...

Femdom Twin Sisters

Hot femdom twin sisters in sexy boots make their subs cry during this femdom session with one goal: to learn slaves how to worship boots, through trampling and whipping. SHOW ME MORE TORTURED BOOT SLAVES

Anita Divina Fisting Slave

Mistress Anita Divina commands her slave to suck her strapon, which he gleefully does. But that is not enough for her, she wants his ass too, but before it is ready for her strapon she needs to fist it to stretch it out properly.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE FISTING...

Brutal Continual Beating

Brutal continual beating, serious corporal punishment!! Princess Ami drags her new slave in front of the Goddess Council represented by Goddess Jasmine and Goddess Bijou. She complains that her new slave is useless and pathetic and requests assistance from the Goddess Council on the best way to deal with the...

Slow Femdom Humiliation

Goddess Annabelle is real expert in slow femdom humiliation. Dressed to tease in black leather boots she is slowly learning this already naked slave, how to worship her. CLICK TO SEE MORE VIDEOS OF MISTRESS ANNABELLE

Mistress Asmondena

Mistress Asmondena In Latex

Mistress Asmondena in black latex costume humiliating slave while smoking and using him as human ashtray. But she is not alone. With a help from another blonde dominatrix, this slave will definitely learn his lesson. CLICK HERE TO VISIT LADY ASMONDENA

Cruel Caning Video

This clip is for all lovers of real female cruelty. It looks harmless but all slaves know how painful this caning is! Lady Pascal has bound her slave in very helpless and bizarre positions. His feet up to the air so his ass is presented as a perfect target for...

Femdom Balls Squashing

Mistress O warms up her slave with some flogging, and then ties up his cock and balls. Next Mistress O takes a large cane to his cock and balls and puts a rat trap on his cock. To really scare her slave, Mistress O pulls out a burdizzo castration device...

Femdom Wheel Torture

Slave George gets quite a surprise when he finds himself upside down on the Revolving Wheel! Not one for receiving pain, he is mote than willing to take whatever is spun his way!”      CLICK HERE TO VISIT GODDESS ANNABELLE    

Black Mistress Torturing Slave

Cruel and dangerous ebony dominatrix, Mistress Michelle wants to play, and with her white slave tied up with nowhere to go means he will be her willing playmate whether he likes it or not. That means randomly being whipped, slapped and spit on with Michelle venting her day’s frustrations on...

cruel femdom torture

Ebony Goddess Whipping Slave

Ebony goddess in leather boots slowly going around naked slave and whipping him hard and elegantly while other sub is waiting for his turn  to be torture. CLICK HERE FOR FEMDOM KINGDOM

Armed Femdom Mistress

Armed and dangerous, blonde goddess in high heels and uniform is beating and torturing completely naked male slave inside her interrogation dungeon.

Miss de Lacy

The patient has come to dominatrix, Miss de Lacy in hopes that his intense fetishism might be brought under control. It is, indeed, brought under control, and so is he; Miss de Lacy now holds the key to his sexual being. What she does with that key remains to be...

Brutal British Whipping

Dressed in riding uniform, strict femdom dominatrix brutally whipping naked male slave until he felt on the ground.

blonde goddess whipping

Femdom Princess Vanessa

It can be a little tricky to read Princess Vanessa. On the one hand she is very loving and caring of her male toys, frequently kissing, petting and caressing them. On the other hand she is a sadistic little minx that also gets a kick out of torturing them. Such...

Femdom Caning Video

Lady Missy is in a very cruel mood. She attaches strong leather belts to her slave’s hands and lifts him up to the air. In that helpless position the slave has to endure a very hard caning and heavy strokes with a thin riding switch. Lady Missy lays hard into the...

Planet Femdom

Free female domination torture photos taken from members area of one of biggest domination website, Planet Femdom. CLICK HERE TO VISIT PLANET FEMDOM

young dominatrix

Young Mistress Whipping Slave

Before using him as human ashtray, young femdom mistress brutally whipped slave until his body is covered in bruises. CLICK HERE FOR MORE YOUNG MISTRESSES

Redhead Dominatrix

Brutal redhead dominatrix in tight clothes experimenting with fire and her slave in this free outdoor female domination torture gallery. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FATALE FEMMES

Brutal Spanking

  With ass completely covered in red bruises from brutal and painful spanking, slave must wait Princess Kali and her friend to finish this painful and brutal female domination session.  

Painful Cock Torture

Enslaved inside femdom dungeon, naked male slave is experiencing painful cock and balls torture from two Mistresses in latex costumes. VISIT FEMDOM EMPIRE