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spanking punishment

Spanking Punishment Torture

Spanking punishment is a logical step and something that this guy should be expecting from the moment when he refused to show respect to girls in uniform. I am asking a question how someone can be so stupid not to immediately obey to a strict girl in uniform? What was he...

cock control

Cock Control Girls

Cock control is the easiest way to control men. It’s something most dominant women know, control the cock and you control the male. There are two ways to control it, one is with chastity which keeps males horny and compliant. But Edyn, Kate and Kassondra prefer the other method which...

femdom ashtray

Femdom Ashtray

Femdom Ashtray or human ashtray is a great method female domination for every smoking dominatrix. In this video, we have something special. There are three really sexy and kinky goddesses smoking and using their slave as a personal fem-dom ashtray. So what is going on here in this video? Here...

english mansion strapon

English Mansion Strapon

English Mansion Strapon sessions are well known for their brutality and cruelty. During the previous years, femdom girls there perfected the process of strapon torture and anal humiliation. With every new episode from the English Mansion, you will think that you saw it all but it is not like that....

Femdom Fetish

Femdom fetish is a very wide term and under it, we can put dozen various methods of female domination. So when someone mentions femdom fetish you can’t always be sure that he is talking about. Some people consider female domination everything, from teasing and seduction to money domination. That is...

Face Trampling Femdom

Face trampling is a very specific subcategory of foot domination and trampling domination. It is probably most unpleasant and painful form of trampling humiliation. In today’s update, you are about to see why is that. Free femdom trampling photos gallery is showing three hot femdom Mistresses. They know that very...

Severe Caning

Severe caning of the helpless slave is what these three dommes decided to do today. They have whole afternoon so it seems that this cruel and severe femdom caning session is going to be a very long one. Unfortunate for a slave, girls are really into this femdom torture method. Everything...

Ballbusting Audition

Ballbusting audition should be the most important part of every new slave initiation session. Except that it will bring a joy into the ballbusters, it will also save e lot of time and nerves long time. What do I mean? Training a good ball busting slave takes time. Considering that this...

Brutal Continual Beating

Brutal continual beating, serious corporal punishment!! Princess Ami drags her new slave in front of the Goddess Council represented by Goddess Jasmine and Goddess Bijou. She complains that her new slave is useless and pathetic and requests assistance from the Goddess Council on the best way to deal with the...

fetish milking

Triple leather enforced handjob

Three goddesses in leather milking naked slave and forcing him to cum on dominatrix Liza’s sexy ass in black  in leather. CLICK HERE FOR MORE MILKING AND HUMILIATION

Outdoors Corporal Punishment

The ladies have a cruel torture session planned for their slaves. They bring them into the forest, where they strap them to the trees awaiting their punishment. Then their asses get whipped by the cruel mistresses to give them those nice red ass cheeks.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM...

Three Dommes Abusing Slave

See how this 3 hot and dominant bitches, Mistress Ava black, Herrin Diamoond and another friend will use the slaves with her beautiful, sexy legs. How strong they can make leg scissors and have fun with this pathetic slave? CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS SITE

Domestic Sissy Slave Torture

What starts simple enough with Amanda using the sissye  to clean the floor, ends up turning somewhat more chaotic once Jessica and Krissy enter the room. First the girls whore him out, adorning him with lipstick to better go with his cute maid outfit. Then they all begin to play,...

Three Mistresses Belting Slave

Riding day. The slave who’s carried the equipment for the Ladies now gets something to remember them by before being locked up naked in the barn. He’ll probably get more of the same when they get back, too.  

Femdom Nipples Biting

Mistress Pandora and Princess Diana get carried away sometimes when they are chewing on their slave. They bite and chomp with little care for his pain, which disturbs sexy Dani in the other room. Dani has an idea though, she simply shoves her panties into the slave’s mouth and presto...

Black Mistresses Degrading Slave

Play time for the girls as they degrade their slave. Jazzy, Passion and Raelovette use spit, their feet and ass to degrade him for no particular reason other than because they can. He endures it because, well, he adores black femdom women and will do anything to please them.

CFNM Caning

Free CFNM photos from Humiliating caning session where three sexy and strict mistresses in pantyhose are caning naked male slave and laughing to his cock. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM HUMILIATION

Femdom Home Party

Three bored young girls having some fun with a male slave at their private femdom humiliation home party. CLICK HERE FOR MORE YOUNG FEMDOM

Bitches in Boots

There is a price to pay for the privilege of worshipping the boots of Goddesses like Alexia Jordon, Amadahy, and Mistrix. They know that their slave is a total boot faggot who lives to worship their boots, but they are going to make him earn it. He needs exercise, so...

Femdom Party

Three busty femdom bitches in tight dresses and black nylon stockings having party with one slave. Face sitting,smothering,verbal humiliation and teasing session for a pathetic sub. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM HUMILIATION

Japan Femdom Torture

Three cute but strict Japaneese femdom mistresses torturing hanged slave with a hot wax.Specific japan bondage femdom video of depareved slave and his Asian mistresses.

Strapon Gangbang

Three strict femdom bitches dressed in stockings and sexy boots banging slave’s tight ass and mouth with strapons. Group strapon ganbang humiliation. VISIT ENGLISH MANSION

Forced Cum Drinking

Dark haired, redhead and blonde mistresses in boots milking slaves cock while sub is tied and hellpless on chair. Once bitches forced  him to cum, slave must drink his own sperm as punishment.   CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS SITE

brutal ball kicking

Brutal Ball Kicking

Brutal ball kicking is the punishment intended for the slave that was very irritating and disobedient in the previous period. Actually, ballbusting and ball beating is just one part of the measures taken against him. From my perspective, I simply can’t understand why would anyone try to disobey cruel headmistress...