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facesitting humiliation

Facesitting Humiliation Video

Facesitting Humiliation always comes handy for a fast slave abusing. You know, there are times when Mistress didn’t plan to do anything but she suddenly feels the urge to do it. At those moments, usually, there are no tools available. So she has to find a way to do it. But every...

redhead facesitting

Redhead Facesitting Mistress Photos

Redhead facesitting Mistress Mischa really knows how to force a guy to smell her sexy ass. At the comfort, of her home, she will easily get what she wants. She is totally aware that smelling Mischa’s ass is a privilege. This slave also knows that the scent of her ass...

facesitting torture

Facesitting Mistress Serena

Facesitting is a great thing but sometimes is it simply not enough to please a dominatrix. You know, some dommes are very demanding and that means that only one method of female domination is often not enough to please them. Brunette dominatrix, sexy and strict femdom Goddess, Mistress Serena is...

cock torture

Cock Torture Domination

Cock torture wasn’t planned for today’s domination session but like everything in the life, the best things are happening when you are not expecting. This goes for female domination, too. I am sure that while he was younger, a tied male slave on the table wasn’t planning to spend the rest...

schoolgirl facesitting

Schoolgirl Pins

Schoolgirl Pins is the name of the very special website that we missed somehow. What a shame considering what is hidden there. Anyway, this post should fix things now. So what is the Schoolgirl Pins?  This is a unique website dedicated exclusively to femdom facesitting, but not any kind of...

femdom facesitting

Femdom Facesitting

Femdom facesitting fetish is one of the most searched here at Femdom Destiny. below, you will see some of the newest ass domination photos. They are not related to any of updates here, but to a site Facesitting Girls, with the probably biggest amateur facesitting archive. Before you visit it...

ass worship femdom

Ass Worship

Ass worship domination can be the extremely effective method if the ass is big enough. Is there anyone better than a Luxury Amore for the role of ass worship femdom Mistress? With her busty BBW ass, this facesitting session is a real nightmare for the slave. Black dominatrix and femdom...

Breast Smother

Breast smother revenge of busty and curvy Mistress Samantha is something she decided to organize for her personal slave. Big tits smothering is a special way of retaliation for him. BBW Dominatrix, Mistress Samantha is surprised her victim survived her big ass smother, so he’s due for a real revenge.  A smother from her magnificent,...

forced facesitting

Facesit Humiliation

Facesit humiliation photos in this update look really good. I guess these are some of my favorite facesit pictures in last period. There are only a few, but from some reason, I couldn’t stop looking at them so I was thinking to share them with you. Below is the short...

rimjob femdom

Rim Job Femdom

Rimjob femdom should become standard in every female domination facesitting session if you ask me. You will clearly see why in the ass worship humiliation photos below. This is actually the first time that we can see detailed rim job from slave’s perspective and how it looks like to massage...

Tina Kay Face Sitting

Tina Kay, the beautiful femdom Mistress loves humiliating lowly male slaves for her amusement. This time is no different. She really enjoys having her ass licked, she finds it very relaxing. While she is reading her book she uses her slave’s face as her ass cushion. When she becomes bored of...

kiara mia femdom

Kiara Mia Ass Worship

Kiara Mia femdom ass domination. We all know how powerful that sounds and look. If you are into big butts fetish you already know what this means. If you are not and you are not familiar with one of the babes with biggest and most beautiful ass, this is a...

Redhead Mistress Facesitting

Redhead Mistress, Lady Rubi is giving a mean look to her feet licking slave. Pathetic idiot is kissing her feet in stockings thinking that this is all what she is expecting from him. But if you take a look at her face, anyone with a brain would understand that this is...

busty ass worship

Busty Ass Worship Femdom

Busty ass worship should be the crown of the every man obsessed with dominant asses. If you a wondering dominant ass is, you can easily spot it by the way how it is moving. You can also spot it by the way how males are looking at it. Most of...

Hand Smothering

Jammed between Mistress’s legs their victims still gets too much air in their opinion… so Mistress has no other choice than to press her hands hard at the mouth and nose of the loser! This way she perfectly prevents him from breathing anymore…! Today’s update is dedicated to all hand smothering fetish lovers. Below...

lesbian asphyxiation

Lesbian Jeans Fetish Facesitting

Sexy Angelina has tied up her girlfriend Lara’s hands with a tight belt. Then she spanks slutty Lara’s hot ass in the wicked jeans hot pants. She is hitting her, hard, again and again.It seems like it will never end. She makes pool Lara smell her between her legs. Angelina...

Asian Facesitting Mistress

Petite but dangerous, brutal Asian dominatrix facesitting hard her slave and ordering him to worship her wet pussy while she is laughing at him. JOIN THIS SITE AND SAVE YOURSELF FROM LIMITLESS COMMERCIALS

asa akira facesitting

Asa Akira Facesitting

Asa Akira facesitting is probably one of the most motivating and beautiful sights for every femdom face sitting fetish lover. Just put the jow and facesitting pleasure at the side for a while and concentrate on the beauty of this sexy Asian babe. Most of you know her as a...

Busty Ass Domination

Busty brunette bitch,using her big ass to smother slave that is forced to carefully lick her tight asshole, after he finish with her toes. CLICK HERE FOR MORE BUSTY FEMDOM ASSES

Femdom Breath Control

Breath control is a very nice thing. We all need to breathe, thats why we live. To reduce or control someones breathing means to control his life! My slave is sitting on a chair and his hands are bound on the arm-rests, unable to move or to escape. I grab...

Femdom Boss Facesitting

Locked inside his boss office, femdom slave is smothered by strict office dominatrix in tight and shiny  nylon stockings. CLICK FOR MORE FACESITTING HUMILIATION

hot dominant lesbian in jeans

Lezdom Smothering In Jeans

Mistress Diana wants to try something new today. This shy beauty pinned down her girlfriend and wants to humiliate her on the bed. She sits down on Kitty’s face again and again and rubs her jeans ass all over it. Kitty can’t get away and her situation becomes totally escapeless...

Ass worship

Handsome Girl Facesitting In Thongs

Mistress Jean knows how to dominate submissive men. Just like him there, someone she makes her personal seat cushion. Tied up as he is, he can’t do anything about it anyway, and so Jean is sitting down smack on his face with her ass. Her ass is pressing hard against...

Facesitting Cuckold

Mistress in thongs and boots riding her husband’s face while kissing and topuching another guy,to be more precise, sissy slave. CLICK HERE FOR MORE TEASING AND HUMILIATION

thongs facesitting

Thongs Facesitting

Thongs facesitting photos are a fantastic example how every place can be used as the playground for the female domination. When I think better, is there a  better place to humiliate a slave than on the floor of the toilet? Probably and it is called a femdom dungeon. But not...

Jeans Facesitting Photos

Classic femdom facesitting humiliation photo gallery, this time, mistress is doing it in tight blue jeans and leather boots.   CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS SITE FOR MORE

Tight Leggings Facesitting

Perfect ass in thongs packed in very tight black leggings is used ad object of worship, and tool for domination, at the same time. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FACESITTING GIRLS

lesbian smothering

Lesbian Jeans Facesitting

Today Alicea hits her girlfriend Genya’s sexy jeans ass with her hands! Then she sits down at a bench and starts groping at her! Of course Genya doesn’t like it but Alicea sits down with her sexy jeans ass at her face and gives her no chance to escape! She...

Femdom Accommodator

Mistress ordered slave to sticks his accommodator into domme’s wet pussy while rimming her anus and pleasing her that way. CLICK HERE  SLAVES PLEASING MISTRESSES