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Sado Ladies is one of the best female domination websites available online today. Inside, you will find some of the best female domination videos and photos, for example, whipping, beating, punishment, CBT, leather, boots, high heels, dominatrix, ballbusting, Mistress, spanking, brutal femdom torture, caning, CP and much more. And when we are talking about Mistresses, some of them are Lady Mephista, Miss Leni, Mistress Akella, Mistress Ezada, Ella Kros, Domina Liza, The Huntress, Mistress Athena, Empress Victoria, Madame Charlotte, Lady Pascal, Madame Catarina, Countess Stella, Mistress Nemesis and much more. But that is not all, here you can see some of the exclusive photos from the member zone of Sado Ladies. When you mix all of mentioned here, you can clearly see why Sado Ladies is so popular. But you already know that, don’t you? Enjoy these free and exclusive photos and video clips just like Mistresses are enjoying torturing their slaves.

cruel goddess

Cruel Goddess Whipping Torture

Cruel goddess title needs to be deserved. If someone deserves it, it is Mistress Akella. This divine dominatrix is from London. The stunning Baltic ex-model has been living BDSM for many years and is experienced in total mental domination as well as in corporal punishment. It sounds impossible, but Mistress Akella...

femdom clinic

Femdom Clinic

Femdom clinic of Lady Pascal is something special. Even if it has a clinic in its name, it is not about the health. Actually, laughs is about the pain and suffering, sometimes mixed with some pleasure. In short, the goal is to torture men through various medical experiments, mostly concentrated...

femdom sites

Femdom Sites – Top 10

FEMDOM SITES – TOP 10: End of the year is slowly coming so it is the time to choose best female domination websites for this year. If you are wondering how we rank sites, there is a special way we do it. As you probably know, here at Femdom Destiny,...

sado ladies

Femdom Cum

Femdom cum will get special meaning after you see this exclusive hanged male slave video. Strict goddess, Lady Faye wants to leave for a party, dressed in a skin tight short dress, sexy stilettos and a lot of expensive jewelry. Her femdom slave will stay at the dungeon, his feet chained...

arrogant mistress

Arrogant Mistress

Arrogant Mistress, the vainly and spoiled Countess Stella sits on the big leather chair in one of the colonial styles in her exclusive

Sado Ladies

mansion. She is dressed just like wealthy and glamorous women love to dress: In very expensive and skin-tight black leather, jewelry over her long leather gloves and perfect and glamorous makeup. And of course, with a glass of champagne in her experienced hand.

femdom whipping

Femdom Whipping

Femdom whipping seems like the perfect thing to do for strict Countess Stella and Mistress Nemesis in a secret hotel, only available for dominant business women. Apart from daily luxury and private subs, this hotel offers everything, that dominant ladies can relax.Walking through the hotel lobby this morning, the ladies spot one...

Mistress Athena

Mistress Athena

Mistress Athena, the cruel blond beauty, is in the cellar with on of her slave. She has dressed in skin tight latex. It’s not a dress, it’s something to drive males crazy, especially if worn with stockings in thigh high boots. Athena looks so hot and sexy and that makes...

Lady Dana

Lady Dana is the new face in a divine kingdom of Sado Ladies. Born in a rich family Lady Dana explored her dominant side in her early youth. She is known as the Mistress who often smiles while she makes her slave suffer. So don’t let her laughing fool you,...

Pantyhose Mistress Heels Worship

Cruel and hot, young domme enjoying summer day. But, being a dominatrix means that you will use every available moment to do some power exchange. While watching world through black sunglasses, German dominatrix is giving order to a stupid slave. He seems completely obedient, what is good for him because...

severe femdom whipping

Severe Femdom Whipping

Severe whipping and femdom torture are something these two goddesses really enjoy. Dressed to tease, both are wearing tight riding leather boots. When you look at them, you have a feeling that they mastered all possible femdom methods and that what they are doing here, is like child’s play to...

Mistress Athena Smoking

Blonde Mistress Athena is one of the hottest smoker you will ever meet. And she knows that and she loves to tease pathetic subs before she abuse them. Dressed in a skin tight, leather look outfit she enters the ladie’s salon where one of the males is already bound to a post,...

cruel femdom

Cruel Femdom Examination

Cruel femdom examination is the part of the ongoing female domination procedure for each slave trying to get into the Sado Ladies dominion. Basically, this is the first step that every sub has to go through. At the same time, even if it is painful and humiliating, it is one...

Huntress Draining Slave

Short video teaser of the Hunteress in tight black pants and high heels, milks a femdom prisoner in his cell in the basement.   CLICK FOR FULL FEMDOM DRAINING VIDEO

Mistress Athena Strapon Femdom

Mistress Athena, dressed in skin tight leather trousers, fingering  slave’s arse before she brutally fucks him with a nice strap-on.     CLICK HERE TO VISIT SADO LADIES HOMEPAGE

Cruel Whipping Femdom Video

Locked inside a dungeon, naked sub is brutally punished and whipped by his strict dominatrix dressed in sexy and tight brown leggings and high heel boots.   CLICK TO VISIT THIS CRUEL FEMDOM SITE

Mistress Ella Kros

Sexy domme, brunette goddess Ella Kros, dressed in black leather, abuses a slave as human ashtray.     CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS SITE

Pay To Worship My Boots

Young Lady Chanel makes her uncle pay for worshipping her boots. Gorgeous dark haired mistress in tight leather pants and high heels boots.     CLICK FOR MORE HUMILIATING FEMALE DOMINATION  

Cruel Caning Video

This clip is for all lovers of real female cruelty. It looks harmless but all slaves know how painful this caning is! Lady Pascal has bound her slave in very helpless and bizarre positions. His feet up to the air so his ass is presented as a perfect target for...

Mistress Interrogates Slave

Stunning Mistress in latex interrogates a stalker. She is using various methods, together with strapon anal torture, to get info she wants from him.       CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE SADO LADIES

Fem dom Whipping Punishment

Madame Catarina finnished the bullwhipping but the punishment is not at the end. With her leather gloved hands she lowers his pants and returns with a devil single tail. Now she starts whipping him all over his body. She changes the whips again and now she tries a very very...

Mistress Akella Whipping Slave

Mistress Akella returns in a very bad mood. That means a slave has to suffer now. She founds one already prepared for her whip in the hall. The blond goddess looks so stunning in her skin tight dress and her black leather designer boots. Her red gloves match her seductively...

Rubber Slave

Two mature and experienced dommes, proudly posing with their rubber slave toy that is hanged upside down, with only his cock pulled put. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SADISTIC FEMALE DOMINATION

Outdoor Femdom Whipping Video

Only a broken man can become a good slave! That’s Lady Pascal’s straightforward but painful philosophy. So the very first experience for her new training slave is a heavy bullwhipping. The slave is led into the courtyard and ordered to put his hands to the wall. Lady Pascal looks cruel and...

femdom slave

Male Slave Servant

Leather mistress whipping slave in this free putdoor femdom photo gallery whhile her servant must sort garbage. VISIT SADISTIC LADIES

High Heels Worship

Short haired blonde mistress in tan seamed nylon stockings is enjoying her view while slave under her is sucking,licking and worshipping her high heels. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM WORSHIP

CBT Femdom Video

The teacher was taken into Madame Catarina’s private dungeon where he finds himself naked and masked on the floor, a leather collar on his balls and cock. He must now give his second present to the arrogant Miss Leni. A pair of amazing, black shiny boots with an extreme dangerous,...

Mistress Faye

Business Lady Femdom

Mistress Faye is a very successful and pretty arrogant and dominant business lady. Normally, as every serious woman, she has a small ritual. Every time when she wants to relax, you will find her entering one of her clubs, snapping her fingers and ordering one of the slaves to bring...