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Mistress T is the type of dominatrix that is capable of handling any kind of slave. Simply speaking, there is no a task that is too much for her. She looks very gentle and sexy and that is the reason why so many men can’t see a real danger coming from here. Or to better say, this Dominatrix is an expert in various forms of female domination. That includes things like a strap on domination, femdom sex, cuckolding, ballbusting, cock and balls torture, facesitting and much more. This page is kind of a shrine, dedicated to one and only, Mistress T. You are about to witness some of the kinkiest stuff that she was doing in the previous months and years. Besides all mentioned, above, there are many photos available for download and they are all created in high quality. Now slave, go on your knees and show some respect for this divine femdom dominatrix! She deserves it.

femdom interrogation

Femdom Interrogation

Femdom Interrogation is the process of checking the slave, asking him predefined questions with the goal to get useful information from him. Now, you are probably wondering what a Dominatrix can possibly find out from the miserable being like the male slave, right? Mistress T is about to give you an answer to this...

strapon penetration video

Strapon Penetration Video Lesson

Strapon penetration tends to be one of the most sensitive things within the femdom humiliation practice. I would say that it comes immediately after the ballbusting torture. Even if sometimes looks easy, Mistress has to be experienced enough to access whether the slave is capable of getting strapon inside him easily...

strapon girls

Strapon Girls Domination

Strapon girls nightmare scenario for a slave is coming from two experienced goddesses, Mistress T and Sidonia Von Bork. I can bet that only one of them is enough to ruin a slave completely. But what when they work as a team? In short, a total disaster and anal deprivation.

femdom milking

Femdom Milking

Femdom milking expert, gorgeous and sexy Mistress T is showing us once again while she is so successful in femdom teasing and orgasm control. As you probably know, this is not the first of her cock stroking videos here at Femdom Destiny, but it ti definitely one of the best....

Mistress T video

Mistress T Video

Mistress T video you are about to see is showing probably one of my favorite femdom goddesses. Why? Because she is capable of handling every possible scenario of femdom humiliation and torture. I think she is equally good in whatever she is doing and her area of expertise are stuff...

foot fetish incest

Foot Fetish Incest

Foot fetish incest! Wow! Have you ever had a chance to see something like this? I can bet that most of you never ever went so far in your fantasies. But there is the first time for everything, including a kink like foot fetish incest. If you have a pair of...

bisex femdom slaves

Bisex Femdom Slaves

Bisex femdom humiliation looks like the perfect thing to do on this warm and sunny day at the English Mansion. Two dommes, Mistress T and Sidonia Von Bork are the ultimate dominatrixes. Being the Domme leaves them tons of possibilities for fun that are not available to ordinary women. For example, on

forced ass worship

Ass Sniffing Party

Wild femdom party photos of two mistresses kissing each other while slave is sniffing their dominant asses.     CLICK HERE FOR MORE WILD FEMDOM MISTRESSES  

femdom porn

Femdom Sex Photos

Femdom sex photos of a Mistress T being served are some of the best in this category. As you are probably expecting from a real Dominatrix as Mistress T, she has a special place inside the English Dungeon. This is a small room, a cage actually, there is a place...

big tits Mistress

Servile Pussy Licker

Just take a look at this servile and pathetic slave giving pleasure to his goddess and her divine vagina….just like it should be. Right? CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE OF MISTRESS T

foot domination

Leather Boots Worship

Cruel, cutting, mean verbals. What I say to this slave will give you chills. Heavy, mind-fucking degradation. I’m a real bitch. Oh, and boot worship.     CLICK HERE TO VISIT MISTRESS T

femdom sex

Mistress Ruining Sex

After ordering two slaves (male and female) to fuck each other, mistress forced them to stop fucking just when guy wanted to cum. Double humiliation and orgasm control skill. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM SEX SLAVE

femdom torture

Tough Ballbusting Fun

Tough love? Not exactly. Tough, yes, but there’s no love here. So, you get off on watching girls beat up boys? Ceara & I tag team this poor sap & give him a good working over…features HARD kicks as well as punches, holds and verbal ridicule. You’ll be crying and...

Alexandra Snow and Mistress T

POV Teasing Video

POV teasing goddess Mistress T now have a help from another dominatrix, Mistress Snow. She is also beautiful, and sexy with even bigger tits than Mistress T’s. But what is sure is that they are simply irresistible as a tandem and you are about to clearly see that in this free...

dirt socks sniffing

Mistress T Riding Slave

Cute and sexy, mistress T dominating ponnyboy in domestic femdom riding humiliation photo gallery. CLICK HERE TO VIST THIS SITE

forced ass licking

Mistress T and Goddess Samantha

Mistress T and Goddess Samantha have now called Justin the warehouse worker into their office. They announce that the company is laying off employees and they are trying to decide who stays and who goes. You may recall in the previous clips of this series it was the other worker,...

three cruel dommes

Outdoor Rubber Pony Play

Three sexy dommes playing with their rubber pony slave bitch under open sky. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS SITE

femdom milking

Milking In Latex Gloves

It’s time for my sex slave’s milking (an orgasm once in awhile keeps him most compliant) but before I allow him release I take MY pleasure… CLICK TO VISIT MISTRESS T

two sexy goddesses

Small Penis Humiliation Video

Nobody can humiliate a small penis male like Mistress T. Together with Mistress Olivia and one of Her big cocked male lovers, She takes you on a journey of extreme humiliation. She even compares your penis to a small pickle, and tossing it in Her mouth says that this is...

Mistress T Handjob

Mistress Teasing Immobilized Slave

Assassin Fucks You To Death!You’ve been given a drug that makes you immobile. You can’t scream and you can’t move…your dick still works and you can still cum…but that orgasm will have consequences. When you cum and your heart rate goes up the drug will fully kick in. Helpless to...

cuckold sex video

Cuckold Sex On Trampled Slave

Cuckold sex video below is showing you why Mistress T is one of the best humiliatrixes today. She is always full of fresh ideas that you can’t see anywhere else. She is the ultimate cuckoldrix, and her rooms are full of a kinky cuckold secrets. Sure, she is also good in other...

Mistress T Stroking Cock

Erotic Femdom Handjob

Quick & Dirty. No fucking around with story lines. No filler. Not a second you’ll want to fast-forward through. All jerking with wide and close views. A little BOOT DOMINATION + HAND-OVER-MOUTH. Awesome cum shot is shown in normal view then close-up in slow motion. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS...

Goddesses In Dungeon

Femdom Sex Instructor

After putting them on their place (and that is under her boots), Mistress T decided to be a real femdom sex instructor and to learn male slave how to please a female. She used her female sub and ordered a guy top fuck her in front of her. CLICK HERE...

gloves handjob

Ruined Orgasm With Butt Plug

If someone is the expert in ruining orgasms, that is Mistress T. You can see her in the humiliating video where she is teasing fat slave with the plug inside his ass, while she is stroking his dick in latex gloves.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE RUINED ORGASMS

pantyhose domme

Goddesses Femdom Party

Although there are several humiliating and interesting things that happen in this video the climax is when Bijou removes the dildo from the slaves ass and makes him suck it clean. Shocked laughter and applause erupt in the room as this was unplanned and unexpectedly intense humiliation. Can you image...

chastity mistress

Chastity Mistress

Chastity Mistress is just one of the epithets related to Mistress T. If you are long enough into the brutal world of female domination and female supremacy, you probably already know that. This sexy mature dominatrix is probably one of the most experienced Goddesses today. I believe that there is...

cuckold cum

Cuckold Cum Eater

You want to be my perfect cuckold, don’t you? You’re going to have to learn to fluff that superior cock, prepare my pussy and eat cum. I want you to see me enjoying that big cock, know that you can never please me this way. Know your place, beside my...

ruined orgasm video

Ruined Orgasm Video

A sex slave applicant with a VERY large cock thinks that he’ll be perfect for me because everyone knows that I love big cocks…unfortunately for him, his freaky cock is too big! He should be an attraction at a carnival, fucking freak show. Obviously his M0ther must have bred with...

Fem dom Sissy

Office Sissification

Mistress T and Mistress Sidonia Von Bork, dressed to tease are demanding from their slave to also wear sexy nylon stockings and skirt. CLICK HERE FOR MORE HUMILIATED GUYS