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ruined orgasm video

Ruined Orgasm Video

Ruined orgasm video you are about to see below, is the part of the full movie available on Mistress Liza’s website. I’ve witnessed that there are still many people not knowing what is a ruined orgasm, when it is used and what are the effects of it. This video clip...

rubber fetish

Rubber Fetish Handjob

Rubber fetish is the common fetish and I was trying to find something fresh for all of femdom and rubber fetish lovers who are visiting Femdom Destiny. Believe, finding a good site or at least a good photo gallery is not simple at all. After enough time spent, I’ve found...

double strapon

Double Strapon

Double strapon domination is probably the most brutal form of strapon femdom. Getting it inside mouth and ass at the same time is the terrible experience for a slave. You are about to see anal invaders Nikki Whiplash and cruel femdom Goddess Fetish Liza preparing for some serious double strapon action....

big strapon

Big Strapon Video

Big strapon video preview you are about to see will leave you shocked. When I saw the size of the strap on used by two goddesses, I was amazed that there was no blood coming from the slave’s ass. I guess that Dirty Dommes knew precisely how much lube they need...

bdsm femdom

Bdsm Femdom

BDSM femdom Mistresses, Miss Miranda and Fetish Liza, makes the killer combination for the slave. They are dressed exactly as you would expect from the real BDSM femdom goddesses, in black and shiny latex and high heels.  It seems that they want to make this scene eternal and it is clearly that both...

Latex Handjob

Latex Handjob in this particular update means something slightly different than you would probably expect. Beside two hot and cruel dominatrixes dressed in tight and shiny latex, their slave must wear black latex costume while they are stroking his pathetic cock. To put is simple, the male latex slut gets...

leather mistresses

Leather Mistresses

Leather mistresses (dominant girls dressed in tight and shiny leather) are often one of the strongest fantasies for many men I personally know. Not sure what it is so attractive in black and shiny leather but as long as men are under that influence, everything is fine. Today’s  photo gallery update...

handjob cumshots

Handjob Cumshots Fetish

Handjob cumshots are Fetish Liza’s area of expertise. In today’s photo update, you can clearly see why. Making your slave cum is pretty easy, but if you want to do it properly there are many things that you need to go through before taking his cock in your hands. Liza’s goal...

rubber doll strapon

Rubber Doll Strapon

Rubber doll strapon slave is a new asset of the kinky fetish dominatrix, MIstress Liza. As every of the slaves from her stable, he needs to go through basic training and learn some rules before he is officially accepted a full-time slave. Considering that Mistress Liza has a full schedule...

Lesbian Domination Fetish

Double femdom trouble for slave girl Dunia as Miss Miranda and I take charge. She is there for our fun, on her back, so eager to pleasure me as one of the males is used as a toy for Dunia’s pussy as well.     CLICK HERE FOR MORE DOMINATION...

Punished Panty Sniffer

Mistress Liza caught pathetic guy sniffing her panties. Is there a better way to make him even more pathetic then to force him dress her lingerie while torturing his balls? VISIT FETISH LIZA HOMEPAGE

human ashtray

Human Ashtray Training

Human ashtray service is one of those things that are necessary for the everyday life of any Mistress that loves to smoke. It is no different with gorgeous and kinky , Fetish Liza. Being a good human ashtray is not so easy as it might look. The slave has to...

Femdom Sissy Teasing

Mistress Liza teasing sissy femdom slave and sucking his cock to see will he be able to please her. CLICK HERE TO VISIT MISTRESS LIZA

Rubber Doll Milking

Kinky busty Redhead dominatrix in over knee boots  jerks off her rubber doll femdom slave and milking his pathetic cock. CLICK HERE FOR MORE HUMILIATION  

rubber femdom mistress

Rubber Femdom Mistress

Rubber femdom Mistress Liza is the ultimate expert when it comes to femdom teasing, fem dom torture, and a rubber fetish. With every new video or a photo gallery, Mistress Liza is showing why she is so special and unavoidable if you are really into the rubber femdom mistress stuff....

Tied rubber doll cums on boots

Fetish Liza in black fishnet and latex boots, with a help from busty redhead dominatrix, forcing tied femdom rubber doll to cum on on boots. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FETISH LIZA GALLERIES

Mistress In Riding Uniform

After ass kissing ass in tight jodhpur pants and licking boot soles, femdom slave must cum on mistresse’s leather riding boots. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM FETISH GALLERIES

Strapon Feminization

It seems that strapon blowjob humiliation is not enugh for Fetish Liza and she took this to a next level of humiliation where two feminized sissy slaves were forced to suck cocks to each other. CLICK HERE FOR MORE HUMILIATION

Shemale Femdom Blowjob

Dressed in leather and boots, mistress fetish Liza is helping dominant shemale to force male slave to suck his cock. SEE MORE FEMDOM HUMILIATION

Lezdom Strapon Threesome

Mistress Fetish Liza in black leather suit fucking two gorgeous blonde female slaves in fishnet stockings, with her strap on. Free lezdom strap on threesome photos. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FETISH LIZA PERVERSIONS

Cum On Mistress Nylons

Mistress Liza love to get her sexy nylons dirty with warm cum and that is exactly what she will get after she tease and deny slave and his pathetic cock. CLICK TO VISIT FETISH LIZA  

Wrapped Up Slave

The slave isn’t going anywhere, all wrapped up. His Mistress, Fetish Liza, uses his face to hold her ashes and jerks him off whilst smoking CLICK HERE FOR FETISH LIZA HOMEPAGE