Spanking Punishment Torture

Spanking punishment is a logical step and something that this guy should be expecting from the moment when he refused to show respect to girls in uniform. I am asking a question how someone can be so stupid not to immediately obey to a strict girl in uniform? What was he expecting that will happen? Will they just let him go? Of course not.

We are looking at the spanking punishment torture photos and one thing is clear immediately. These dominant bitches are not doing this for the first time. It is clear that every one of them knows her role. Basically, while two girls in uniforms are holding him, the third one is ruining his ass. You know, when the hits and pain are intense, slaves sometimes try to resist and run. And these strict girls know that very well. But that is impossible if you have two persons holding you. Basically, each one of them has an own role. Of course, the most important is principal’s role because she is responsible for the pain that this guy is about to get. This means that she has a variety of torture tools at her disposal. The cane, paddle and her favorite, bare hand. When you put all that together it is a real question when is the next time that this guy will be able to sit on his ass. All you guys who have a real experience with a spanking torture know that being spanked is not the worst thing in the process of spanking punishment. Actually, the worst thing comes later when you need to get back to the everyday duties. If the session was good (like this one), sometimes it takes weeks before a slave can sit or walk normally. It is very hard to hide that from people which are a separate stress and mental pressure on its own.

Spanking punishment photos:

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Spanking Punishment Torture
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