Sissy Punishment

Sissy punishment and a brutal paddling are the logical consequence for disobeying precise set of rules that mistress Matilda gave to her personal slave. I don’t get it…how someone can be so stupid to try not to do what MIstress asked from him? Was this fat, ugly and pathetic guy, thinking that he can fool around just because the Domme is a young? Was he thinking that she is naive just because of her age? Let me tell you something. When you see a young femdom Dominatrix, you should know that she is probably pretty cruel and sadistic. Otherwise, at her age, she would do other things like the rest of girls at her age. This is the lesson that this pathetic sissy maid is about to learn today. 

What happens here is that MIstress Matilda ordered him to do house cleaning while she is training other slaves.  But her bitch behaved inappropriately. He tried to birch and avoid precise orders. So it’s no surprise that she is pissed when she walks into the master bedroom and it’s still a shambles. Then she checked a toiled and noticed that it is not shiny as she is expecting. That was enough for her to become angry and mad. And we all know what that means. Getting a Mistress in that condition can easily be the biggest mistake in the life of every man. 

All men in her household are expected to work and toil so that she doesn’t have to. To remind him of this she has him beg, grovel and plead at her feet for her not to dismiss him. But that is just the beginning. She let her sissy girl to make a new mistake. He was thinking that there will be no physical consequences for him. Hah….mistake, again. Still, he was lucky considering what he deserves. Young domme was in the hurry so she didn’t have a time for the best sissy punishment that she has on her mind. Matilda has various tools at her disposal, from butt plugs to huge strapons, so believe me, sissy boy was lucky, at least this time. That doesn’t mean that he will get away without a pain of course. I am saying that next time it will be much worse for him. And now, it is time for the punishment. Dominatrix used a paddle that she had in her hand that she just used recently. The good thing is that it is still warm from other slaves. A warm paddle brings more pain than the cold one. Something sissy boi will also learn now!

Sissy punishment

Mistress Matildaangry femdom dominatrixslave begging for mercy

Sissy Punishment
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