Sissy Initiation

Sissy initiation is the process of introducing slave in the world of female domination and sissification. Even if it maybe doesn’t look like something complicated, this is a very responsible task. Basically, similar like when you are educating a child. What a sissy learn in the first moments of training, he will remember for the rest of his pathetic life. This is why it is important to properly train him and not forget important things. Not all Mistresses are equally good in sissy slave initiation. One of those that are great and have tons of experience in sissy slave training is Mistress Elise De Lacy. She is very gentle (at least in the beginning) and she is taking care about every step. 

For example, the first thing is the headdress. Mistress know how important for a female is to look nice and having hair properly brushed is the key to success. While she is helping to her new sissy to do it, he is forced to on his knees. below divine blonde Goddess Elize. I’ve told you, every move is fundamentally planned and has its purpose. Slowly, she is telling him that what is about to happen will soon become normal and that he better get used to it. Gently touching new sissy, Mistress helped him to get into the nylon stockings for the first time in his life. At that point, slave boy started looking like the real female slut. There is only a makeup left before Dominatrix starts taking things to the next level. And what that means, you can see on the last sissy training photo below. Just like the rest of the things mentioned above, getting a strap on into the ass is going to widen slave’s views. 

Sad face on this sissy slave is the only way for him to show his fear while Mistress Elise De Lacy is putting clamps on his nipples and lubricating strapon, necessary tools in every femdom sissy training. The guy is so confused that he was keeping his mouth closed all the time. He even had problems answering when the Mistresses asked him something. But she understands his fear and confusion and there is no hurry. What she explained to a slave is that this is just the beginning and the first lesson in the process of sissyfication. Even if it might look hard for him, he should wait for the real sissy boi strapon fucking that is inevitable at some point. Until then, he should better listen to Dommes instructions and learn as much as possible because next time she won’t be so polite and full of understanding.

Sissy initiation

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Sissy Initiation
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