Femdom Spit Roasting

Sidonia Von Bork

Leather Mistress Sidonia Von Bork standing above spit roasted slave and controlling him so he can’t even try to evade this humiliating femdom spit roasting session. Cruel and sexy as always, Mistress Sidonia is dressed in the long leather coat, tight leather pants and boots with high heels. On this sunny day, it seems that she simply wants to test her new spit roasting setup. From what we know about this cruel dominatrix, this slave should consider himself honored because he is going to give him a chance to be fucked both sides at the same time. Experienced as she is, dominatrix knew that it is possible that slave won’t behave like she is expecting from him. That is why she have the long leather whip with herself. Will she use it only depends on this stupid guy. Why do I say stupid? Because he thought that sucks and receive enough dildos inside his holes, Sidonia Von Bork will spare him from whipping. What a mistake. Painful whipping is exactly what she was planning from the beginning. Is there anything better than to look and listen to slave moaning while Sidonia Von Bork is hitting him with the whip? Since slave’s mouth are full of strapon attached to the machine, he can’t even scream properly. The only sound that he is able to make is some kind of miserable moaning, if we can call it like that. When you put all together, Sidonia Von Bork can be satisfied with this outdoor femdom session.

Of course, Mistress Sidonia Von Bork won’t tell that to a slave and instead of praising him, she is going to schedule next session where she will practice some more brutal female domination. Can this slave refuse it? I think we all know the answer to that, don’t we?

Sidonia Von Bork torturing slave:


Femdom Spit Roasting
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