Severe Ball Torture

Severe ball torture is mandatory when it comes to the BDSM medical exams. Except having all necessary tools and the torture devices, it is even more important than a Mistress in charge knows what she is doing. Luckily for us, but unfortunately for the tied male slave, kinky, hot and sadistic femdom sex Dominatrix Cherie DeVille is in charge of his genitals. I will suggest to simply go fast forward to the moment of the severe ball torture. What you should know is that abusing slave’s groins is just the beginning of the extreme CBT and humiliating fetish medical exam. Still, it is more than enough to enjoy watching this great BDSM action that will leave slave suffering in pain.

Mature dominatrix starts ball torment by binding him to a suspended metal contraption in a crucifix position, with his hands far away from his body so he can’t interfere with her treatments. To focus his attention she puts 3 strong medical clamps on his balls, then teases him with pleasure, and punishes him verbally and physically when he reacts to it. What additionally motivated this experienced CBT mistress to abuse submissive dude further is the current condition of his sacks. As you can see in the first photo, Mistress Cherie DeVille watch and stare into sub’s genitals. Of course, not because male reproductive organs are something new for her (on the contrary). There is another reason. The skin over his balls seems intact. She is shocked that one of the slaves managed to get through and save his pathetic balls.  All right, she is just about to make up for it up!

With the smile on her face, femdom bizarre tormenting can start. At the same time, the slave can only moan. His mouth is tied hard just as the rest of the body. Femdom Mistress know very well how much pain extreme CBT and balls torture can deliver. So she premeditated his screams and begging by making him unable to open mouth properly. What she is doing to the slave is even worse than ball kicking (often called ball busting) and we all know how slaves are reacting when kicked in the balls, right? Now you can just imagine how does he feel during this brutal CBT humiliation. If it is for consolation, big tits Mistress will put his abused cock in her beautiful mouth decorated with the sexy red lipstick that is a separate fetish on its own. I am not sure how much he will feel that in the middle of cock torture session but what I know is that this is one of the best medical torture scenes I’ve ever seen.

Severe Ball Torture

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Severe Ball Torture
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