Rubber Slave

Rubber slave humiliation photos below are one of those rate updates here on Femdom Destiny not featuring brutal or harsh torture of the male slave. Still, that doesn’t mean that something is wrong with this update and a rubber bondage photo gallery you are looking at below. On the contrary, this is exactly what rubber fetishist are going to love to see. Especially because the beautiful black Dominatrix is one of my favorites and her name is Mistress Ava Black. 

I would say that this scene is actually a preparation of a slave for something more brutal, considering that we all know how this ebony femdom Goddess can be cruel. This is the reason why I doubt that this is a complete session but just a humiliating introduction to it. Anway, the slave is forced to wear tight red rubber costume with big tits. We can say that this is a kind of sissification process. Clearly, it is making a slave being horny. Just take a look at his big dick and erection he has. You can perfectly see that in the last two photos. So even if there is no rubber slave porn or torture elements here, this is one of my favorites when it comes to the high-quality rubber female domination

This rubber mistress fetish humiliation reminded me of some other of Miss Ava Black’s sessions. As mentioned above, this is kind of a softcore update. To better explain what I mean and why I say that, I will suggest taking a look at one of the recent updates featuring this divine Ebong Goddess. She is an expert in the various femdom torture methods and one of her favorites is balls kicking that we love to call ballbusting. Check out this cruel black Goddess kicking slave’s genitals why they are standing helplessly in front of her. 

Rubber slave photos

Mistress Ava Black rubber slave humiliation rubber sissy fetish black dominatrix and her fetish slave

Rubber Slave
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