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Clcik here to visit Madame Chrsitine

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Providing real fetish content

Madame Christine


Can you remember when it was last time that you found femdom website that you didn't knew that exist and that it is full of unique high quality femdom content so you found yourself asking, how it is possible that I've missed this? You probably can't remember or it never happened to you, but today is a day when that is going to change. Welcome to one of our favorite femdom websites that can be described with sentences used above.

Madame Christine's personal homepage is absolutely complete femdom website where you will find almost all femdom niches and where Madame Christine itself with some help from her dominant girlfriends is ruining slaves, theirs asses and their pathetic lives. Sounds good?
Madame Christine is genuine European femdom mistress with very specific domination style. She is coming from beautiful country,Czech republic, almost beautiful as Mistress Christine itself. For all those true femdom lovers there, just mentioning Czech republic femdom tell enough !

Anyway, Madame Christine's website maybe don't look so interesting when you come to intro page but once you go trough verification page, you will see unique and clean femdom website as this mistress deserves. (checkout thumbnail preview on the left). Once you become member, you will have access to tons of unique femdom content that is simply impossible to find anywhere else. There you will find things like : bootlicking, face sitting, nipple torture, cbt, spitting, trampling, whipping, caning, anal training, arse worship, foot worship, face slapping and much more....what is probably most interesting is frequency of update. believe it or not, website is updated daily with 3 fresh photos and 2 videoclips weekly. If you count that website is online from 2004, this will give you access to more then 5000 high quality femdom photos and more then 152 videos (in the moment of review). So one is for sure, you won't miss femdom content if you become member, we would rather say that you are going to miss enough time to see all this.

There are several really interesting features on website. For example, once you become member, you will have guaranteed discount for all things available for purchase in online shop. And there are so many things you should see, from DVD's to personal stuff of Madame Christine. Most of you will get instant erection when think about opportunity to have some of Mistresse's personal things. Also, there is a forum where from you will be able to get in contact with Madame Christine what is bringing interaction to completely new level. If this is not for you, you can always please Madame Christine if you buy her stuff she likes shown in WHISLIST section of her website.

We are sure that Madame Christine is much more that you can handle but in any case, there are more sexy and dominant femdom mistresses also available, and more info about them you will find on featuring ladies section of website. It is important to mention that there are no any kind of restrictions for video files, you once you become member and download them, they will remain yours from now until the end of your miserable life.

We won't spend more of your time, since it is better to use it and serve to this gorgeous Czech femdom mistress, but, before you go to her website, maybe you would like to see free photo gallery taken from this great femdom website. If so, you should
CLICK HERE for free femdom photos of Madame Christine where she is torturing slaves in different position, or you can see one of completely free femdom streaming videos, by clicking here.

Content and Niches on this website :
* All Exclusive Content
* Femdom videos
* Paddling
* Brutal humiliation

* WMV video format
* European Femdom
* Real Life
* Spanking

! visit and submit to MADAME CHRISTINE now !