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Spanking femdom

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It seems that today is really hgard to find new femdom websites in spanking niche. That's probably not strange because it is very specific femdom humiliation niche for special kind of people, so we were more then happy to get our hands on IFD. This is new and genuine femdom spanking website with very interesting name that is already telling enough: Institute of Feminine Discipline (IFD in further text).

Institute of feminine discipline is really interesting site that is involving some imagination,which is something new in this niche. To be more precise, once you visit IFD website, you will read about idea that is behind complete project but to try to be short , IFD is website dedicated to the “Overseers”. At the head of this institute is its Grand Executive Overseer and Supreme behaviour Therapist, Miss Amy Hunter, gorgeous and experienced femdom dominatrix. IFD is a part of BCW (Board of corrective women) who is located at St. George’s Hill, Surrey. Below you  can see  photo of beautiful headquarters.

Goal of those sexy godesses is simple: To instill some much needed discipline into the male creatures at the Institute of Feminine Discipline, and as you are probably guessing, these strict bitches are doing that really good. You can see some photo thumbnails around this text that were made from photos taken in member zone. If you want to see them in higher quality, before visiting Institute of Feminine discipline, check out our contribution gallery page.

Once you become member of IFD website, you will find some interesting sections. Website is organized very well so you won’t have any problems browsing it. This means that you will always have available navigation menu from your left site where from you can choose your favorite sections of site. What we liked also is a clean listing of all Overseers so you can learn much about every one of them anytime you want. It is important to mention that there is UPDATES section where you can clearly see every necessary info about new update where you can leave your comment. When we are talking about content, beside video frame captures section, there is  main section of site, videos and galleries. Once you get there , you will have access to all available updates well organized by mistress (Overseers). Every update is available to browse through photos sorted by galleries or you can download video clips from that update while you will have detailed description of the scene you are watching in that moment.


The Board of Corrective Women (BCW) is headed by Miss Overseer Supreme {Known As “MOS”} (a very strict woman and avid believer in spanking naughty boys), Miss Acacia Bryson-Lovegrove. Miss Acacia is quite unique in that she is by far the youngest MOS in history. You may read more detail about this extraordinary woman once you visit IFD website. There is also section of site where from you can humbly ask  questions for Miss Acacia.

Please note that this site is updated weekly with new genuine English spanking niche video (that you won’t be able to find anywhere else)  and galleries on Tuesdays. With really low and competitive price of $21,95 per month (or discount of $ 58,95 for 90 days), you will get  your enter into realm of genuine femdom spanking and naughty boy humiliation. If you consider that today is really hard to find good spanking website, IDF is definitely worth to be checked.

Content and Niches on this website :
* Exclusive Content
* Spanking
* Humiliating
* Constant updates

* Degradation
* Mistresses
* Spanking fetish
* Mistress Worship