Piss Drinking

Piss Drinking
Piss drinking femdom humiliation

Piss Drinking

Piss drinking by the instructions of cold-hearted mistress Kimber Woods is something that this guy wasn’t expecting. He was thinking that today session will be something more classic, like spanking or maybe some ballbusting. But once again, he figured out how naive is he and how stupid it is to expect anything from his dommes.

One more thing he should know and that is that this won’t be some short session. No, on the contrary. Mistress prepared everything she needs and that means chair where she will sit and a big bowl for her piss. She was keeping her piss for a while because she knows very well that piss becomes stinky if it is withheld. Few hours of not going into the toilet will definitely make a difference. Best of all is that she is not alone in this messy session. Goddess is accompanied by another pervy dominatrix that will help her to make this slave completely useless and humiliated. Actually, this is what I consider a perfect piss drinking session. Girls joined their forces to fill that big bowl. First was blonde domme and as soon as she gave her last drop, brunette pissed inside.

This is some nasty pissing mix and the pretty good amount that this guy will have to solve somehow. Will he make it? Well, you can see how he handled all that smell and humiliation in front of his goddesses. If you are more into pissing videos and you are craving to see this session in HD quality, click on the banner on top. Pissing photos are taken from one of the best female domination websites online today, and that is Club Dom. I hope you are about to enjoy this update just like these two bitches did while they were laughing to piss drinking slave.

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