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Smoking Mistress In Boots

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Male Anal Exam

Young and naive guy  is keen to come and work at high school  school as the new teacher. It would be his first proper job and the start of his career. Unfortunately there has been a mix-up: Paul has been dragged into the infirmary by the nurse who mistakes him...

Sexy Boots Worship

Miss Hybrid In Pantyhose

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Femdom Torture Video

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Mistress Jessica Footdom

Mistress Jessica is a woman of few words. She doesn’t have to always tell her slaves what to do, sometimes a mere look is more than enough. This slave knows that look in Jessica’s eyes, and it means some serious pain is heading his way. He loves her feet more...

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Latex Mistress Whipping Slave

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Leather Boots Worship

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Domestic Femdom

The queen of the house, Mistress Adri gets home, but she finds her husband watching TV. Since she is the boss, and she doesn’t like what he is doing, Mistress questions her husband: why he is so lazy and not doing his duties? Her husband apologizes and talks back a bit. Goddess Adri was...

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Spitting in Office

After working hours, female boss told this pathetic guy to stay because she wants to talk to him. Of course, talking was just excuse for a humiliating session where slave will get orders from this Mistress to lick her spit on the floor.  VISIT SPITTING BITCHES FOR MORE

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Mistres Rina

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Foot Domination Lesson

With femdom power comes great responsibility, mainly the responsibility of teaching the lifestyle to other girls! While she was once a novice, now for Marie femdom is a way of life and she wants to empower her girlfriends Tracy and Roxanne as well. These two girls have the typical issues...

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Rebecca pushes the virtually nude boy onto his knees. His bare rear end sticking up in the air vulnerably, he is made to kiss Tamzin’s high-heeled shoes. He immediately begins to feel very degraded. Men shouldn’t do this should they? In this submissive position his bum cheeks separate easily allowing...

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Mistress Mummy Varia saran wraps her slave for a fresh beating and torturing. His dick gets yanked cranked twisted and and uplifted by all sorts of different gadgets. This femdom dominatrix bitch is not to be played with…how can this jack ass breath in that shrink wrapped get up?

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