Outdoor CFNM Humiliation

Ayla is showing some friends round her stables. She is very proud of her thoroughbred horses which she treats better than any man she has ever met. As she approaches one of the stables she sees that the stable boy has done an appalling job cleaning it out. She is furious and starts whipping him like an animal. She then decides that he clearly doesn’t understand what care her horses need and there is only one way to show him – by making him feel like an animal himself. Ayla and the other girls strip him naked and Ayla then mounts his back before riding him round the paddock to fits of laughter from the other girls. After a while the stable boy collapses to the ground and Ayla says that as he isn’t fit for riding perhaps they should see if he should be put out to stud. The girls gather round him and start to play with his cock to see how hard they can get it. They aren’t very impressed and laugh at his inadequate cock as they stroke it. Finally they make him cum and Ayla kicks him out, telling the girls thats how she treats her horses and her men!


Outdoor CFNM Humiliation
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