OTK Spanking

OTK spanking is shortened version for the phrase “over the knee spanking”. In the last previous femdom updates, you probably noticed that there were many spanking photo galleries. This one is no different but it is probably one of the most brutal in the last period what you can easily see if you take a look at the aftermath of this torture session. 

You can thank for that to a Mistress Julie Simone. She is hardcore femdom and lezdom dominatrix always willing to destroy some asses. What I’ve just found out is that her site is online for more than 16 years! That’s  a lot because sites that manage to survive for so long are really rare. Especially if that is a single femdom Mistress homepage. Anyway, on the free spanking photos below, you can see how brutal and serious Julie Simone is. She is great looking redhead dominatrix with big tits that you can’t miss from the moment when you look at her. Her big tits are capable of hypnotizing most of the men (and probably some woman, too). This really comes handy in the process of female domination. 

This time is no different and you can clearly see how the slave is staring at her big and beautiful natural tits. Unfortunately for him, this won’t last long and brutal and harsh hits will make him stop staring. How painful and terrible they are, you can see by looking at the bruises that are covering his ass cheeks. There is even some blood as the result of hard fem dom caning.

Before you take a look at OTK spanking photo below, I will recommend some more great updates that are pretty similar or related to this one. Check out how good is Mistress Sarah in punishing slaves, three cruel dommes caning one slave and this great brutal caning torture femdom video

OTK spanking femdom photos:

Julie Simone

redhead dominatrix

harsh caning

OTK Spanking
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