Nipples And Balls Torture

People who love BDSM action are mostly open to all sorts of sexy arts that involve pain. While a lot of torture types might not appeal to a lot of people, it is fun for some. They enjoy their kink, based on a few specific types of pleasure. Namely, nipples and balls torture.

It is a type of BDSM sexual activity that involves applying pain or constriction to a man’s balls or a woman’s nipples. The nipples of a sex slave are often the easiest ones to target and inflict pain too. They usually apply nipple clamps or any other sex toy that can be attached to an erect nipple. It is pinched to restrict the blood flow and it will hurt even more when the object is removed from it. Some BDSM lovers go as far as to electrocute the nipples but that’s on a whole other level. They also do wax plays, flogging, spanking and squeezing to a woman’s breasts.

Balls torture is similar. It is a practice of inflicting pain and discomfort on a guy’s penis and testicles. It is usually done by a dominant female and a submissive male who takes the torture. It can be sensitive with tickling but can be really hardcore with slapping, squeezing. Some even prefer to have it stepped on and kicked. There are also numerous types of toys and equipment to be used for this purpose. As in the case of nipple torture, some of its enjoyers like to use electricity to inflict further pain on the target area. Torturing the scrotum of a man is a very common but a very painful form of BDSM activity and it should only be done with the person’s consent. You wouldn’t want to go hard on anyone’s balls without them giving their approval first.

Nipples And Balls Torture

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Nipples And Balls Torture
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