Mistress T Video

Mistress T video you are about to see is showing probably one of my favorite femdom goddesses. Why? Because she is capable of handling every possible scenario of femdom humiliation and torture. I think she is equally good in whatever she is doing and her area of expertise are stuff like teasing and denial, ruined orgasm, facesitting, femdom sex, ballbusting, strapon domination and you will often find her in the role of the cuckoldrix. You name it, she is a real expert in whatever you come So, it is hard to pick the best video to represent her so I will just randomly choose one of the recent scenes. 

 This is a hot fetish female domination handjob scene with a ‘ruined orgasm’ finish (Mistress T keeps jerking fast and hard after slave ejaculates on her boot). There is no slowing down and we all know how unpleasant this is) then she holds her cum covered boot up to his face and ordered femdom slave to lick it clean. This cock stroking video contains one specific and popular fetishes. For the glove fans: black rubber gloves similar to dish washing gloves. Oh yeah, it is hard to find videos with bitches stroking dicks in this kind of gloves, so you better bookmark this page or save a video so you can jerk it off later. 

Anyway, while you are watching Mistress T video below, you will see that she is wearing black rubber costume. There is a good reason for that (except looking hot and sexy, of course). When a slave’s dick is rubbed with her body in rubber, it will give much stronger feeling and will speed up slave’s orgasm. And she is going for it. You should know that full HD version of this handjob video is available inside member zone of Mistress T’s personal website

Mistress T video ruined orgasm:

Mistress T Video
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