Mistress Lilse

Mistress Lilse
Mistress Lilse humiliating slave

Mistress Lilse

Mistress Lilse’s ‘personality and style are a mélange of cosmopolitan sophistication and glacial rigour, all spiced with a strong savor of creative sadism. Mistress Lilse praise power transfers as sensuality and as an evolution path. She is an empathetic, sometimes sarcastic, rational and fair, intelligent and creative woman identifiable as a dominant sadist. She naturally inspires a sense of submission and worship by her aristocratic and exquisitely domineering presence and that led her to a wide range of vibrant and fulfilling experiences. Goddess explore fears and fantasies and she is taking satisfaction in composing individual sadistic scenes. Below you can see photos of her and how beautiful she is.

On the double strapon dildo anal torture photos below, you will only see her back and her handsome body. That is why we wanted to share her beauty on photos above. Mistress Lisle has her slave boy tied in the missionary position on a table in front of her her. She then prods, probes and penetrates his exposed arse with a mean double ended dildo. The whole scene is made to be confusing for a slave. Except getting something big inside your ass, there are some crazy wallpapers on the walls. I can bet that once Mistress Lisle started her session, naked slave figured out that he is completely lost. Beautiful goddess is dressed in tight black latex costume. But she is also wearing red latex gloves. Femdom fisting and playing with someone’s arse can sometimes be messy and she wants to be safe. Of course, before she started this brutal anal session, the slave was ordered to take care of his hygiene. But you never know, experienced domme like Mistress Lisle already saw tons of nasty stuff before. She has huge experience in slave’s torture and humiliation, that is for sure.

Mistress Lilse:


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