Business Lady Femdom

Mistress Faye

Mistress Faye is a very successful and pretty arrogant and dominant business lady. Normally, as every serious woman, she has a small ritual. Every time when she wants to relax, you will find her entering one of her clubs, snapping her fingers and ordering one of the slaves to bring her a coffee.

She wears a black business suit with a very short skirt and her long blond hair open. Just enough to make every man stare at her. As she sits down in the chair, her skirt lifts up and you can see her long legs, which she crosses now. Without telling a word to a slave, he already knows what is his task. The slave has to light up her cigarette. While Mistress Faye inhales the smoke, she simply pushes down his head to make him kiss her high heels. But don’t be fooled, that is not all. As Mistress Faye is a very clean person, she is taking care about cigarette ash. This means she needs the ashtray. Every time she needs it, the mean lady uses the slave’s mouth. He kneels right next to her, his mouth wide open and his tongue out, ready to take and swallow the hot ash. He knows that the arrogant Mistress expects a clean tongue.

Being a human ashtray is not an easy task. Sometimes ash can be so hot that slave literally gets burns inside his mouth. Even if those scenes don’t look violent at first, they could be pretty painful for a slave.

Mistress Faye smoking video:

Business Lady Femdom
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