Lesbian Spanking

Lesbian spanking photos featuring hot and lovely glamour model Louise Burton are some of the finest lezdom updates recently. Cute Louise has decided she would quite like to have a go at being spanked. In this in-depth lezdom humiliation experience, we will learn that she has never been spanked before today. It seems that she simply had to feel what is real lesbian spanking. Of course, there no better person and spanking expert than a Mistress Sarah. She is genuine English dominatrix specialized in domestic punishment, female domination and, of course, spanking.

Before Mistress Sarah started spanking her, she had a good chat with her but still don’t really know why she had decided to get into the spanking film scene as she is already a very well know glamour model. However, she does find out quite a lot about her and Sarah asks her if she wants to give her the hard paddling which you are about to see on lesbian spanking photos below. It seems that dominatrix is not too convinced that she wants this but she does agree to go ahead. So one painful paddling coming up and how painful it was, you can clearly see on some of the photos taken at the end of the spanking session. Just look at that sexy ass that is now red from brutal hits.

Covered in bruises, I am sure that cute Louise is now wondering was this smart decision? But there is no turning back. Now she is the genuine spanking bitch and just on of the little sluts from the Miss Sarah’s flock. Also, I am almost completely sure that this might be her first spanking, but it won’t be the last one. 

Lesbian Spanking photos:


Lesbian Spanking
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